Wine in the Bleak, Dark Winter January 2018

Wine in the Bleak, Dark Winter January 2018

I’ve been sitting here wondering why Wine Shop sales fall off immediately after holidays.  There are obvious reasons, of course, that range from losing those New Year’s Resolution pounds to wanting to tighten the financial belt as much as the physical one.  There’s another, though, that I think is big and THAT is The Bleak, Dark Winter(you just felt a chill, didn’t you?).  There are a few weeks during our year that just aren’t holiday-y.  A few are in August, but who notices then?  The others are these January days–so long–so cold–so dark–so unlike anything fun.

Well, I’ve decided on a solution(or resolution), at least for me.  I’m sharing because it might strike a chord in you and give you a great idea for a resolution that will stick and grow…maybe into a whole new interest.  I’m going to concentrate on studying(and drinking) one varietal of wine for a month.  After January, I’ll move to another varietal, or maybe appellation.  From there, perhaps I’m move to fortified wines. Ok, it might all fall apart by spring, but by then I won’t care!  I’ll have early plantings!  For now, it will give me a reason to try something new and exciting, maybe filled with bubbles or with warmth.  Whatever, it will lend beauty, texture and substance to my days and a shred of determination to my resolutions.

Here are some ideas and choices that I’ve seen around Mora’s Fine Wines.

Llopart isLlopart Leopardi Rose Brut Reserva 2013 Spanish Sparkling Cava Wine a personal favorite of mine.  Cava is basically Spanish Champagne which, not being made in Champagne, cannot carry the name. It is gently pink, not too sweet, goes with anything or nothing at all!  From here you could go through Cavas, or sparkling wine from anywhere but France, or just  progress to Champagne!


While many people think Rose is just for summer, Rich and I both love Rose and will drink it throughout the year.  With the last few LaPorte Sancerre Rose Wine 750mLSummers’ burst of the Rose market,  many more Roses have come in to our universe.  Laporte has a beautiful deep salmon color and a serious heft of Rose greatness.  It is made of Sancerre.  To my palate it is less sweet, with mid-range body, and beautiful balance.  The area it comes from runs from the white cliffs of Dover(how can you not love that), through Champagne onto Chablis.  It is simply lovely and along with chocolate, entertained me through the last blizzard.

With the wide variety of Roses available, you could easily spend far more than a month exploring.


Ok…. I’m a little heavy on the pinks……Something serious?


Are you seeing the word play on this label?…If you see Kay…  However funny the name and label are, the wine is every bit as serious.  This one is big!!!!  It is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Syrah, aIf You See Kay Italian Red Wine 750 mLnd Primitivo.  If you see Kay is bursting with warm fruit flavor(and alcohol).  Drink this one at home around the fire or movie.  Eat a good dinner.

While this isn’t an expression of a single varietal, it does show what fun serious blends can be.  If you don’t want to limit yourself to  perhaps, Cabernet Sauvignon or the like you can try blends that are comprised primarily of this varietal and study how the expression varies with the choice of companion varietals.  It’s all for fun.

And let’s face it…..for fun, there is nothing better than…….


I love bubbles and I love Taltarni.  We all know why it can’t be “Champagne,” right?  But do we caTaltarni Tache 2011 Australian Rose Sparkling Wine 750mL re?  Nah!  This is beautiful.  It was awarded 90 points by Wine Advocate(if we cared), and won the award for “Australia’s Best Sparkling Rose” in the Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships(ahhhhhh, the training!).  Yes, it is filled with petal and salmon color.  Yes, it is  made of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier.  But what do I like best about this bottle of joy?  Taltarni cleanses the palate as few other sparklers I’ve encountered.  For a winter gathering of two or twenty, this will keep the party going in the gentlest way.

Well, that was fun.   I hope I’ve given you some ideas for a resolution we can all accomplish and a way to outlast these cold dreary days and nights.  Please remember you are always welcome at Mora’s for browsing, tasting, or some great recommendations!