Vizcaya Vxop Rum Cask 21 Dominican Republic 750 mL




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An award-winning rum with a rich heritage of craftsmanship, Vizcaya VXOP is one of the world’s finest sipping rums. It is distilled in small batches according to time-honored rum making methods in which the fragrant juice extracted from pure sugar cane is fermented and aged in select oak barrels. It is this extensive aging which culminates in Vizcaya’s warm, mahogany color and buttery palate. With its refined notes of spice, butterscotch, honey and caramel, Vizcaya VXOP may be best appreciated when served neat or on the rocks, although it can also be enjoyed as part of a very special cocktail. Each element that goes into the making of Vizcaya VXOP–from the soil where the sugar cane grows, to the sensuous shape of the bottle that holds the finished nectar–is intended to enrich the aficionado’s experience of relaxing with a glass of this singular spirit. The velvety bouquet of Vizcaya VXOP hints at its warm, smoky spice. Notes of cinnamon, vanilla, clove and ginger are followed by a whisper of tropical fruit. The first taste brings a voluptuous but balanced sweetness, reminiscent of maple and butterscotch. Vizcaya’s smooth finish integrates all of these elements into a sensory, satisfying harmony. Vizcaya VXOP has won accolades and awards, including Best in Show (2010) and a Double Gold Medal at the 2010 and 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, widely considered the world’s most prestigious spirits competition; back-to-back Tampa Gold Medals in 2007 and 2008 at the International Cane Spirits & Tasting Competition; and a New Orleans Gold Medal from the Ministry of Rum and a London Silver Medal at the UK RumFest, both in 2007. Why not see–and taste–for yourself? Experience the finesse of a unique rum, distilled with exacting craftsmanship to Old World standards. Experience Vizcaya VXOP, the ultimate in sipping rums.

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