Tsikrikonis Malagousia Greek White Wine 750mL


Tsikrikonis lies at the feet of Mount Symbolo in Kavala, Macedonia, at an altitude of up to 350 meters and just 3 kilometers from the Aegean Sea. This is a rare single-vineyard expression: Malagousia was a nearly extinct variety, revived in the 1970s in Macedonia. Grown all over Greece today, it stands out for its finesse, balance and aromatic qualities. Whether used in blends or as a single varietal, the grape produces wines of medium alcohol content, with an exceptionally expressive nose and aromas of flowers (rose), white-flesh fruits (pears, peach), herbs (thyme, sage) and citrus fruits (lemon, orange, grapefruit). Fuller bodied and round, it’s frequently blended with Assyrtiko to tame it. A mountain meadow nose of white flowers and grass; peaches and melon with a juicy citrus salad palate.

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