Tomintoul 14 Year Old Single Malt Scotch


Speyside Single Malt Scotch, 92 Proof Version 95 Points! Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible,  Nose(24) curiously, there is a sea-weed saltiness attached to this one: not exactly what you expect from a malt made and matured in the centre of the Scottish Highlands. But it adds a compelling attractive – if eyebrow raisin – element to this delicately framed and gently structured, lightly honeyed malt fest. The oak splendidly keeps within the spirit of the style; Taste(24) just how may variations on a honeyed theme can you get? Here I count at least five, each wave coming in after the other with just the odd nip and tuck or expansion of its intensity; the very faintest smoke is detectable and just then the natural caramels appear to be getting too excited, the malt re-establishes itself; Finish(23) medium length but sheer quality all the way: Bird’s custard mixing dreamily with drier, playfully spiced, oaky vanillas. The lightest of oil spreads the grassy, sharper malts to ensure a wonderful lightness of touch; Balance(24) not a single weakness: no bitterness, no off notes, no caramels other than those naturally from the oak, no sulphur. An absolute corker from this little-known but outstanding distillery and one of the most delicately complex distillery bottlings of the year. -Jim Murray

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