The Splinter Group Whip Saw American Rye Whiskey 750mL


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Wine Enthusiast 90 points – Part of a line-up of whiskeys “respectfully reimagined by seasoned winemakers,” this rye has a ruddy amber hue and aromas of almond, dried cherry and allspice. The palate is drying and tart, showing hints of craisins and sherry. Adding water releases the tannic grip a bit and adds a dried cherry note plus whispers of cocoa powder and cinnamon heat. 76% rye..March/2020
A remarkably smooth yet perfectly spiced Rye, crafted from a blend of whiskeys, up to 7 years old, and finished in seasoned French oak wine barrels which previously held Steve Matthiasson’s Cabernet Sauvignon and Bob Cabral’s William Selyem Pinot Noir.
THE MASH BILL 76% Rye, 21% Corn, 3% Malted Barley
We’re not the first and definitely not the last to subscribe to this beautiful idiom by Mr. Faulkner. Fourteen years ago I listened intently to a taxi cab driver wax poetic about his upbringing in the Caribbean and his memories of distilling bathtub rum with his father and grandfather. The passion he had was infectious. It reminded me of how I feel about winemaking. The craft is similar yet different. Since then, the idea of distilling spirits has lingered with me. Just like it’s not particularly fun to drink alone, I thought “this will be a lot more fun with friends”. I reached out to wine business buddies that I’ve worked with for years and they said “giddy up.” Through a succession of late nights and early mornings, sitting around half consumed bottles of various liquors trying to figure out what we liked and what we could add to make it unique, the answer was clear that our first spirit would have to be Bourbon. I never like to sit still, so once Straight Edge Bourbon was underway, my mind started drifting to other styles of whiskey. We released Slaughter House American Whiskey in June 2015 and have been humbled by the incredible support our fans have shown. Rye will be our next endeavor and we look forward to sharing it with you next year.

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