Tequila Siembra Valles Aniversario Joven Mexico 750 mL


The Siembra Spirits Aniversario series is an annual release of unique and carefully selected Tequilas showcasing the most outstanding examples of traditional production. As a tribute to Destileria Cascahuin founder Salvador Rosales Briseño, his image is featured on the front label.

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siembra valles
Volcanic soil. Rainy Summers. Commanding, earthy tequilas.
Siembra Valles is born of the “Lowlands” of Jalisco, where expert jimadores manage volcanic soil and rainy summers to produce commanding, earthy tequilas. Produced at the historic, family-owned Destilería Cascahuín, Siembra Valles tequilas are an experience in traditional productions and terroir in agave.

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