San Fereolo Dolcetto Valdiba Dogliani Italian Red Wine 750 mL


A youthful expression of the Dogliani DOCG, the “Valdibà” is made all in steel cuve, which shows in the fresh brightness of the wine. Nicoletta considers this to be classical Dolcetto, striking all of the notes one would expect from the variety, with a confident tannic backbone.

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Dolcetto gets its name from the delicate nature of the grape, a delicacy that is difficult to manage both in the vineyard and in the cellar. The pleasant and balanced almond taste that is found in the wine comes from the tannins enclosed in the grape seeds. The valdiba’ is produced exclusively with dolcetto grapes from vineyards that are between ten and thirty years of age. The land is located in the commune of Dogliani, in the vineyards known as Baraccone and San Fereolo, ranging from 400 to 500 meters above sea level. Exposed from the southeast to the northwest, these vineyards have medium texture, limestone dominated soil. They are based in the sub zone of Valdiba’, capable of giving life to wines, which are both tannic and elegant.

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