Russells Reserve Bourbon Whiskey 13 Year Old 114.8 proof Kentucky 750 mL


4 1/2 Barrels from  rated “Exceptional”

“…It’s always a cause for celebration anytime Wild Turkey releases a higher aged bourbon. While some of their high aged Master’s Keep releases have had their difficulties finding the right balance, Russell’s Reserve 13 Year Old Bourbon hits its mark with precision. Some of the company’s other 13-year-old bourbons are well crafted and are available at a reasonable price online, but their major drawback is their proof. I didn’t think barrel proof would drastically change the effects on the company’s 13-year-old bourbon. Of course there would be a concentration of flavor and a greater overall intensity, but when this higher proof is paired with Wild Turkey’s flavor profile, it’s able to work its magic bringing out finer points of its aged oak. I have no apprehension calling Russell’s Reserve 13 Year Old Bourbon one of Wild Turkey’s best recent releases.”   –Eric at

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93/100, Whisky Advocate

“Refined maturity, but with plenty of vivacity. After the first whiff of sweet-scented antique oak, flavors of cherry pie, bubble gum, banana flan, honeyed vanilla, and maple syrup emerge, all tempered by rich herbs and mature oak. A formidable structure allows it to hold water ably, and brings out apple pie and blackberry tart against wood and spice, with a graceful, restrained oak influence.”

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