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Hi Guys, I’ve been playing with this liqueur. It is Blood orange with SPICE, like real baking spices. it works in some cocktails from the PUR website but not all. Here’s what my experiments yielded:

It is great on it’s own, with a little ice, it is nice in sparkling wine, maybe 0.25oz to a flute full

Manhattans? Yes! Very easy, I do 2:1 Bourbon to PUR and it has the spice and orange flavor you

kind of want anyway. Bourbon and PUR were made for each other.

Americano? Yes. I do Bourbon or Rye 1.5oz , Amaro (montenergo, nonino, pelegrino) 1/2 oz, PUR 3/4oz

dash of fernet branca. It needs the little extra bite of the fernet

Tiki  That’s what I call this one. aged rum 1.5 oz,  PUR 0.5 oz,  fresh lime juice 0.5oz and a dash of Velvet Falernum

Side Car Cognac 1.5oz, 0.75oz PUR, 0.25 Falernum, fresh lemon juice 0.75oz, again the Falernum really adds a certain kick

Hot Toddy works very well Whiskey or Brandy 1.5oz,  PUR 0.75oz, Falernum 0.25oz, fresh lemon juice 0.5oz, honey 1 teaspoon combine and top with brewed black tea.

Negronis? NoGo. I tried gin/campari/pur and it was okay but lacked something


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