Poggio Le Volpi Frascati Superiore Italian White Wine 750 mL


These entry level Volpi wines are great values and great expressions of the Lazio apellation.  The Merge family is producing wines with character even at the lower price points. This Frascati has excellent concentration and elegantly shows off the flavors and aroma of good Trebbiano and Malvasia. In my humble opinion.

One of the pleasures of life is drinking with friends. People is a wine to share, born to enrich the table and to accompany everyday dishes. It is a versatile wine, intended for all types of palate. Pale and bright straw yellow. Fruity aroma with sensations of pear, green apple and grape, then white flowers and a vegetable of cut grass. In the mouth, freshness and flavor form the backbone that enhances fruit and flowers, referring them to a very long persistence.
Excellent as an aperitif, seafood appetizers, risottos, vegetable soups, steamed fish and Thai chicken.” From Poggio le Volpi

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The Poggio Le Volpi Estate was established in the 90s by Felice Mergè, a man of unusually keen insight.

The young oenologist is Armando Mergè’s son, and is the third generation of the branch of a family whose progenitor is Mario Mergè. Mario Mergè began his work back in the 20s, concentrating mainly on viticulture and olive growing and marketing his products.

He passed his life and work experiences on to the large second generation of the family, experiences which have found vigour and reached full meaning through the bold, enterprising spirit of grandson Felice, wholly supported by the solid, active drive of his father Armando.

Poggio Le Volpi has an image which is second to none for the quality and elegance of its wines.

These wines are the precious jewels which have ennobled the estate’s pedigree due to the praise and appreciation heaped upon them in the refined and exclusive niche wines segment.

These are the best vines which only become part of the Poggio delle Volpi brand after long and careful selection.

They extend over an area lying between the slopes of Monte Porzio Catone and the Roman countryside.

The land is rich and welcoming, where the animals – especially wolves – can still find an ecosystem which is largely uncontaminated. We like to think that, just as in Aesop’s Fables, this land is where the best grapes grow, the ones the wolf tries in vain to get hold of … a land with excellent exposure, where, from time immemorial, the vines have been able to benefit from a truly exceptional natural microclimate.

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