On The Rocks Mai Tai 40 proof 375mL


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On The Rocks premium cocktails are award winning luxurious craft bottled cocktails, using quality select ingredients and inspiration from all over the globe. Winning 11 medals at the 2016 San Francisco spirits competition, Rocco Milano creates OTR cocktails by expressing modern interpretations of traditional drinks along with custom craft recipes. OTR provides our guests with un-compromised quality cocktails by bringing the highest caliber bar concepts to you, wherever you are.

On the OTR Mai Tai Cocktail
A modern take on a classic tiki cocktail, as interpreted by Co-Founder and Global Brand Ambassador, Rocco Milano. The OTR Mai Tai cocktail is crafted with a custom blend of dark and light Cruzan® rums. As the old tiki adage goes, ‘what one rum can’t do, two rums can’. This rum blend is combined with flavors of orange and pineapple for the perfect Mai Tai. 40 proof

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