Mora’s Private Cask Barrell Craft Spirits 18 year old PX Finish 117.16 Proof cask strength Kentucky Whiskey 750 mL

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Mora’s Fine Wine & Spirits is deep into whiskies on the spirits side of our business and we’ve discovered the fun adventure of finding your own barrel, buying it, bottling it (at cask strength of course) and sharing it with other whiskey lovers. This year we teamed up with Barrell Craft Spirits who source,blend and bottle fine whiskies, mostly Bourbons. We tasted samples of their collection of barrels and nothing really struck us as distinctive and special until we came across this one off barrel of extensively aged Kentucky Whiskey (not bourbon because is aged in ex-Bourbon cask, however the final aging is done in Pedro Ximenez cask for a little Je ne sais pas as they say in Kentucky. we love the power and grace with the faint sweetness and carmel notes of the PX finish. We think you will too. We also like that it is so different from the bitter chocolate power of the Garrison Bros cask we bought a couple of years ago.

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Every batch of Barrell Bourbon is unique. We welcome the distinct nuances of character, flavor, and color in each batch. Much as an expert craftsmans choice of wood makes each piece of fine furniture unique, the decisions made by the master distiller introduce subtle variations into each batch of bourbon. We take pride in being able to select and share these different bourbons with you. At Barrell Bourbon, we support the time-honored traditions of small batch craft distilling, a patient art designed to give you a better tasting bourbon. At every stage of bourbon making, subtle choices are made that impact the whiskey. Though all bourbons are made from the same basic ingredients, its the choices the master distiller makes that shapes his creation. The combination, type, and source of grains (the mash bill) and the specific yeast used for fermentation The amount of char specified for the new oak barrels used to age the bourbon The location of the rack house and the location of the barrel in the rack house where the bourbon ages. Whether or not the environment is temperature controlled and how much sunlight and humidity the barrel experiences over its lifetime Needless to say, theres more to bourbon than just the recipe. Our passion is bringing you craft distilled bourbon at barrel strength. We believe the complexity and concentration of flavor is greatest when the bourbon comes right from the barrel. Nothing added, nothing removed. Never diluted. Experience what bourbon really tastes like. How you drink your bourbon is up to you. We recommend trying it neat and then add a little water or ice to reveal a whole range of flavors. Everything from the nose, appearance, initial taste on your palette and finish will evolve.

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