Morandini Limoncello Italy Lemon Liqueur 750 mL


In 1919 the Marcati brothers, Pietro and Luigi, began their business in the family-owned pharmacy, which soon became their first craft workshop. The products soon became renowned and highly appreciated and production increased. In 1929 the first industrial plant was established in Verona, but was destroyed during World War II. Following the post-war reconstruction the company continued to grow and during the Eighties it began to export, first to European countries and later to various other continents.

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The history of the Morandini is traced to 1855 in Valcamonica, a land which has always been deeply rooted in its own traditions. Typical local liquors and spirits have always been for the population of this valley, a unique link with nature around it. With passion and devotion, Morandini has used this experience to prepare its unmistakable spirits.

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