Listening Rock Gin New York State 750mL


Every batch of our LISTENING ROCK gin has botanicals steeped in it. We make our base spirit ourselves from grain grown in New York State. We are also growing as many of our botanicals ourselves as the climate allows. We separate and individually distill four of our botanicals just to have better control over their inclusion and representation in the gin. Finally, each batch receives its own portion of botanicals to steep overnight before being distilled the next day. We experimented with many different recipes before we settled on this fifth batch as our favorite, we hope you will agree!

HANDMADE IN SMALL BATCHES in Wassaic New York 92 Proof

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Our Story
Tenmile Distillery is focused on making hand-crafted single malt whisky, gin, and vodka the way they were intended to be made, cutting no corners and using only the best ingredients.

Master distiller, Shane Fraser has extensive experience producing handmade, small-batch whisky and before coming to Tenmile, he served as Master Distiller for Wolfburn Distillery, the most northerly malt whisky distillery in Scotland. The single malt he made for Wolfburn has already won a number of prestigious awards. We have tasked Shane with developing an innovative, unique New York State whisky, made in the Scottish style.

We have worked hard to source everything locally and it pleases us enormously that in an ideal year all the wheat and barley grain is grown by local farmers in Dutchess or Columbia Counties. (In a non-ideal year all the wheat or barley is still grown in NY State, we’ve just been forced to go outside our 30-mile local radius due to the vagaries of nature.)

LISTENING ROCK is a rock rumored to be located in the hills behind our farm. A place where if you stop, you can hear the comings and goings of the Oblong Valley. Our Gin, lovingly crafted will hopefully entice you to sit still awhile and listen to the world around you. Take some time to be present in the moment and appreciate nature.

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