John E. Fitzgerald Larceny Barrel Proof batch A124 124.2 proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750 mL

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Color Dark sepia

Aroma Toasted bread, with maple and cinnamon

Taste Rich molasses coats the tongue, with notes of fig and hazelnut

Finish Nuanced flavor fades into lingering

Rich baking spices | Light burnt caramel | Nutmeg | Cinnamon sticks | Singed oak | Gently toasted marshmallow | Mellow dark chocolate | Rich and delicious

Summer berries | Stone fruit | Burnt caramel | Rich cinnamon spice | Hints of vanilla syrup | Baking spices | Lightly charred oak | Nice interplay between sweet and spice

Chewy oak | Cinnamon stewed apples | Baking spices | Light vanilla | Cinnamon spice | Lingering

Bursting with flavor, Larceny Barrel Proof Batch B523 delivers a sip that once again reminds bourbon drinks how delicious a wheated barrel proof bourbon can be when done right.

Bursting with flavor, Larceny Barrel Proof Batch B523 delivers a sip that once again reminds bourbon drinks how delicious a wheated barrel proof bourbon can be when done right.

Larceny Barrel Proof Bourbon has been exciting barrel proof bourbon fans, particularly wheated barrel proof bourbon fans, for a number of years now. While last year’s Batch C922 knocked it out of the park and ultimately became our #1 Whiskey of 2022, Batch A123 started 2023 off not quite living up to the high bar its immediate predecessor set. Thankfully Batch B523 takes things in a direction that fans of the brand will really appreciate.

A rich and delicious nose kicks things off. An aroma of rich baking spices leads the way and a supporting cast of cinnamon sticks, gently toasted marshmallows, and dark chocolate add an appreciative depth. The palate veers in a completely different direction, highlighting sweet fruit notes, rich cinnamon spice, and lovely vanilla syrup. The interplay is appreciated and works incredibly well, setting up a lingering finish that carries over hints of fruit along with heavy cinnamon and light vanilla.

While Batch A123 might not have delivered to the high standards that fans have come to expect from Larceny Barrel Proof releases, Batch B523 rights the ship. If Heaven Hill can continue to dial in batches to the same level as C922 and B523, Larceny Barrel Proof Bourbon will quickly become the gold standard for wheated barrel proof bourbons. In the meantime, B523 is a bottle that’s a must to seek out and delivers a pour that will make bourbon lovers smile ear to ear.

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A superior, barrel-proof, wheated Bourbon that is a super value.

Heaven Hill Distillers is unique. They are one of the oldest and largest Bourbon distillers in the world, they have the second largest standing inventory of aging Bourbon, and they have grow to become the seventh largest supplier of Spirits in the US. BUT… they are still family owned. In fact, they are the only family-owned production house left in Kentucky. God bless the Shapira family! The Spirit brands owned and controlled by Heaven Hill includes Evan WilliamsElijah Craig, and their namesake Heaven Hill, and many dozens more.

Larceny Bourbon uses the popular Heaven Hill wheated mash bill — 68% corn, 20% wheat, and 12% malted barley — that it shares with its parent dram Old Fitzgerald. It’s a mix of #3 char casks aged from six to eight years. We also know that the Spirit goes into the casks at 125 proof (62.5% ABV), so you’d expect Larceny Barrel Proof to deliver a number close to that. We love it, but recommend a splash and five minutes rest after the pour.

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Weight 48 oz
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