Kurosawa Nigori Sake Japan 720 mL


  • Nigori (‘cloudy’) style sake is meant to remind you of trying raw sake straight from the tank.
  • Retains rice in the liquid for texture and a pleasant sweetness.
  • Locally grown Nagano rice milled to 70%.
  • Pairs well with richer or spicier cuisine like Sichuan dishes, Thai red curry, Kung Pao Chicken, and even barbecue.
Country: Japan
Region: Nagano
Appellation: Nagano Prefecture
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Kurosawa is a family run sake brewery with a history of over 150 years of crafting fine sake using traditional methods. Founded in high mountain Nagano Prefecture is 1858, it is currently overseen by Kazuo Kurosawa, the fifth generation of the family to run the brewery, with his son Yohei serving as toji master brewer, leading the sake making team. They specialize in the labor intensive and traditional kimoto method of sake production that produces bold, rich flavors and a beautiful sharp acidity.

It was during a trip to Japan in 1996 that a young Jun Tanaka who had been importing fine Japanese sake to the US discovered the brewery and realized the bold flavor of its sake would go over extremely well in the US. Up until then most sake available in North America was high quality, ostentatious and aromatic and highly priced sake from Japan, or American made sake that could be sold inexpensively but tasted nothing like authentic traditional sake. It was Tanaka-san’s insight that traditional, well-made sake with bold and nutty flavors at a reasonable price could find a place in the United States.

Since 1998 Kurosawa has been one of the most well recognized Japanese made sake in the US, with excellent quality, carefully controlled freshness, accessible pricing, and a bold and authentic flavor.

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