Koehler-Ruprecht Reisling Kabinett Trocken German White Wine 750 mL


The Koehler-Ruprecht estate in the Pfalz area of the Rhine valley (watch out Lorelie) has a unique terroir and has developed a wonderful dry style of prmarily Reisling but also dry Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir!

Koehler has three main properties Steinacker the “stony acre” is the oldest (750 years old!) then there is the Annaberg vineyard planted 120 years ago and the crown jewel is a Grand cru vineyard (Gross Gewachs designation) going back over 200 years. It produces some of the best dry Reisling in all the Rhine.

This wine the Kallstadter Reisling Kabinett Trocken is sourced from various vineyards and is quite dry with plenty of tree orchard fruit and nice underlying minerality and acidity

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