Kinsella KK Cabernet Sauvignon California Red Wine 750 mL


In 2019, anticipating a drop in fruit yields due to extensive spring shatter at Kinsella Estates’ Jersey Boys vineyard, we were confronted with a rare opportunity to source mountain fruit from Mendocino Country, which had some high-quality fruit available. Above the morning cloud layer, the vineyard rests at 1,600 ft above sea level, receives intense sunshine and the cooler air creates intensely colored and flavored small berry Cabernet.
Before the pandemic, Kinsella Estates wanted to start a second label so that we could attract a population of buyers who were less affluent but still desirous of purchasing signature, high quality, Thomas Brown Cabernet from a premiere estate in the Dry Creek Valley. We recognized the opportunity to produce an everyday drinking wine at an attractive price point. Accordingly, the 2019 Jersey Boys harvest was blended with the Mendocino Mountain fruit to produce what we all feel is an exceptional, very drinkable second label for Kinsella Estates, which we call KK or K2.
KK not only signifies that it is a second label but represents the first letters of my first and last name. This second label of Kinsella Estates, we are offering to our customers in place of the traditional Jersey Boys release – for this vintage only. Traditional Jersey Boys Cabernet will be back for the 2021 vintage but unfortunately not for 2020 since – as happened to many, many vintners, we lost the entire 2020 vintage to smoke taint from those two fires (Walbridge and Glass).
We hope you will enjoy this parallel offshoot from the traditional Kinsella Estate Wines.

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Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 17 in