Glengyle Distillery Kilkerran 16 Year Old Campbeltown Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750 mL

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The Glengyle distillery is a sister of the Springbank and Longrow distilleries on the peninsula of Campbell town. The whiskies straddle the styles of the maritime influenced peated malts and the softer sweeter Highland whiskies. This young distillery has just hit the 12 year mark on their regular bottling after years of “works in progress” and now have launched this peat venture with “Batch 1”. Aged in about half ex Sherry and half bourbon casks Batch 1 was bottled at cask strength of 118.6 proof and peated to over 45 ppm. We’re expecting a series of these peated expressions but this is the first one. We hope you like it


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