Keo St John Commandaria Cyprus Natural Sweet Wine 500 mL



Tasting notes and pairings:  Intense citrus aromas, sweet bergamot, mature apricot and dried figs accompanied with a nutty and toffee aftertaste. A well balanced wine with a harmony between fruitiness, acidity and sweetness. Food Pairing: Nuts, hard cheese, blue cheese and dark chocolate cake.

About Commandaria It is a unique dried grape wine from one particular, and  ancient appellation on Cyprus (called Commandaria) with a unique microclimate for producing ideal grapes. The varieties are Mavri and Xynisteri two of the oldest varieties in the world still produced. It is on the books as the “oldest named wine in the world”. It was named by Knights of St. John during the Crusades in the 13th century but has been produced for 5000 years.

Production method: hand harvested extremely ripe from within the appellation of Commandaria, sun-dried on straw mats 10 days, pressed, vinified, fortified with neutral spirits and aged in used oak barrels for minimum 2 years. The final wine is blended within a solera system which fractionally blends wines of different ages. Some stores of wine are up to 100 years old!

The cypriots produced this wine for millennia but it is the returning knights that brought the wine throughout Europe where is was adored by wine lovers. English king Richard the Lionhearted pronounced it “The king of wines and the wine of kings” and served it at his wedding  while French king Philippe Augustus called it “the Apostle of wines”.

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