Jean-Marc Brocard Bourgogne Chardonnay Kimmeridgien French White Wine 750 mL


About the wine: This is NOT premier or grand cru Chablis but rather a well made and well priced cool climate and unoaked Chardonnay sourced from Chablis sites and named for the unique soil type the vines grow in. Pure soil of Chablis, Kimmeridgian is alternate layers of very compact limestone, and softer clayey marls containing marine fossilized bodies (exogyra virgula). Jean-Marc Brocard created this Geologic Chardonnay Collection to allow every soil to reveal its personality and its authenticity through Chardonnay.

Tasting Notes: On the nose, citrus blossom and mandarin aromas occupy the bouquet. On the palate, more citrus and additional green apple aromas, leading to racy acidity and firm minerality. Pair with a selection of oysters from around the Maritimes, ceviche, or your favourite cold, summer salad.


About Jean Marc Brocard: was inspired in the importance of “terroir” and the sense do place of special plots of land in Chablis by his father in law Louis Petit. He left his engineering career to plant his first hectare of vines in the early 19070’s and put his winery immediately next to it. Fast forward to the 1990’s and he is upto 80 ha of vines mostly organically certified or biodynamic and producing top Premier and Grand Cru Chablis.

About Chablis: Located near Auxerre city, in the valley of the Serein river, Chablis is the centre of one of France’s eldest wine-growing regions. 150 million years ago, during the Jurassic era, the sea drew back from the Chablis area. It let a lot of small sea sediments -Exogyra virgula – in the soil called Kimmeridgien made up of layers of stones and clay. Thanks to this soil, the roots of the vine will get the specific mineral and salty flavours of Chablis wines. Thanks to eco-friendly methods, Jean-Marc Brocard is still trying to respect this precious terroir in order to make high quality wines.

The Ammonite: The Golden Spiral symbolizes the structure of life present in the universal micro and macrocosms (look up Fibonacci) as well as the nautilus shell whose fossil structure is seen throughout the Kimmeridgien soils of Chablis

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