Izidro Full Rich Madeira Portugese Fortified Wine 750 mL


Tasting Notes

Attractive deep amber colour, brilliant and clean. legant aroma, rich, ripe on the nose with hints of grapefruit, coffee and caramel. Very fruity, luscious, fragrant with hints of molasses and spicy notes. Full bodied, round texture with appealing and attractive aftertaste.


Blend of young Madeira submitted to a unique heating process known as Estufagem (45 – 50ºC during 3 months). After estufagem and before bottling the wine was aged in oak casks and/or blended with wines matured in casks for more than 3 years old.
Food Pairing
Requires no decanting. Excellent served as a dessert, with rich foods, chocolate, petit fours, coffee, cheeses and a splendid after dinner drink. Superb when served in a large glass over ice with lemon peel. Also chef’s favorite for enhancing rich sauces.
The grapes are totally destemmed and crushed. Fermentation is carried out with maceration skins at controlled temperature (28 to 32ºC) in stainless steel tanks. The juice is frequently pumped over the cap for about 2 to 3 days, in order to extract colour and aroma compounds. Fermentation is arrested by addition of neutral grape spirit (96% minimum) in order to maintain the desired sweetness degree. Vinification is made in strict accordance with traditional methods.

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