Hayman’s Old Tim Gin England 750 mL


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“Launched in November 2007, Hayman’s Old Tom was the next gin to be created by the family. It is a modern-day recreation of an original family recipe dating from the 1860’s which, some would debate that perhaps unusually for something of that era, contains sugar (as sugar only really became affordable in the 1900’s).

We’ve wrote a separate post about Hayman’s Old Tom back in 2013, because the style of gin as well as the significance of the release – essentially bringing back a previously defunct style of gin back into existence and into the popular consciousness – deserved more than a few paragraphs here. We’ll be revising it soon with more information too.

For those on a quick scan read however, the hints of coriander seed and citrus give a more rounded fragrance, but as with many Old Tom’s it’s the sweetness and thicker texture on the mouthfeel from both the sugar and the liquorice root that shines through. Suffice to say that Hayman’s Old Tom is the standard bearer in this sub-category of gin.”  The Gin Foundry

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