Fidencio Mezcal Ensamble Mezcal Mexico Agave Spirit 750 mL


The Espadín is from our farm, 10-11 years old with an average brix of 33-35. The Tepextate is cultivated, harvested at 13-15 years old with an average brix of 22- 24. The Madrecuixe is wild from the San Baltazar Guelavila region, 12-15 years old with brix levels from 20- 23. Ensamble Made with Espadín, Madrecuixe and Tepextate in equal parts. Co-roasted, crushed, fermented and distilled. Produced in May 2016 and rested in the bottle for three years before release.

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Fidencio Mezcal embodies the tradition and creativity of Oaxaca. With four generations of knowledge and the finest estate grown agave, Fidencio is a unique mezcal that is pure agave. Using 100% Espadín agave let to mature at least 10 years.
Our first release, Fidencio Sin Humo is a small batch, artisanal mezcal that is roasted with out wood. The flavor is a balance of fruit, agave and spice. The feeling is smooth and clean. In 2011 we release two more mezcals, Clásico and Pechuga. Clásico is a traditional, Oaxacan mezcal roasted in a wood-fired earthen oven. The flavor is a complex balance of fruit, spice and smoke. Pechuga is a seasonal, celebration mezcal that is produced in tiny batches. We use our Clásico as the base and distill it a third with our mixture of fruit. Suspended inside the cap of the still is a chicken breast, which rounds out the flavors. The result is a delightful combination of tropical fruits and subtle smokiness.

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