Elisabetta Foradori Teroldego Italian Red Wine 750 mL


Tasting Notes:
Teroldego produces wines that have bright fruit notes, like cranberry and pomegranate, blended in with blackberry and raspberry. Expect spicy pepper, a hint of cinnamon or anise, and black earthiness in there as well. The acidity is also bright but it’s not overly astringent on the tannic front. Teroldegos are remarkably approachable early on and show well within three years of bottling.

Food Pairings:
For pairings, lean towards cured meats and dishes that include bacon or guanciale. Teroldego would do well with spaghetti carbonara, for example, because it would both cut through the richness and compliment the bacon and pepper notes. Boeuf bourguignon would work well, as would coq au vin (chicken-braised with wine) for the same reasons. Roasted game with wild rice would also work beautifully.

Wine Growing Regions for Teroldego:
Since it is so closely linked to Südtirold and the Trentino-Alto Adige regions, that is where Teroldego can primarily be found. In fact, Elisabetta Foradori in Trentino is largely credited with the renaissance of appreciation currently underway for this esoteric little grape. Teroldego is grown throughout Italy, including in Tuscany, in the Veneto, and in Sicily where it is mostly used in blends for color.

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Elisabetta Foradori’s journey in her “wine life” is a familiar tale, but one that we never tire of hearing. The early death of her father unexpectedly hurtled her to the management of the family estate. Though “born among the vines” as she says, she took the helm at first more from a sense of duty than one of passion or vocation. Eventually, however, that passion and vocation came through the work itself, both in the vines and in the cellar.

100% Teroldego. This is the core red of Foradori: the first and only one to be bottled back in 1960 and still the largest production, from 10 hectares of vines planted from 1956 to 2005 on the flat, sunny, well-drained Camp Rotaliano plateau on sandy, Dolomitic limestone soils. Some of the vines are still pergola-trained, while newer plantings are on wires in the Guyot style; the farming is certified-biodynamic (as for all of their vineyards).

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