Dos Hombres Mezcal Joven Artesanal Tobala Mexico 750 mL


Limited only 3 botttles available Crafted with tobala agaves that were painstakingly grown until their maturity for almost 25 years, this mezcal takes on the floral notes of the copal trees that grow in the vicinity of the agaves. Light on the smokiness, it’s a fresh and fruity spirit

Dos Hombres Tobala Mezcal
The limited-edition Tobala Mezcal is crafted with Tobala agaves that take on the aromas of the copal trees that grow in the region. The agaves used for this batch were fully matured and harvested after nearly 25 years of age by Gregorio Velasco. Fresh, fruity, and floral, the mezcal has a very subtle smokiness on the finish.

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