George Dickel Leopold Bros Collaboration Blend Rye Whiskey 750 mL

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George Dickel has teamed up with the Leopold Bros to produce an innovative rye whisky offering.The release blends George Dickel’s column still rye produced at Cascade Hallow Distillery with Leopold Bros’ Three Chamber Rye to recreate a historic style. This union between column distilled rye and Three Chamber distilled rye turns back the hands of time, returning to an era that saw heavy-bodied rye whisky served at bars and saloons throughout America. The Cascade Hollow component of this blend is a never-before released traditional column still rye.
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Tasting Notes (Courtesy of The Whiskey Jug)

Medium caramel

Rye spice, oak, apples, caramel, fresh nutmeg and dried dark fruit with touches of citrus peels, cocoa, copper and vanilla.

Expressive and warm, this is a great aroma.

Oak, caramel, rye bread, candied apples, honey and bits of copper, dried dark fruit, nutmeg, citrus and dill.

Long -> Spiced apples, honey, caramel and oak fade to oaky cocoa and citrus.

Perfectly balanced, med-full body and a warm slightly oily feel.


The Whiskey Jug 4/5|B+|87-89 You don’t need to add water to this whiskey, but if you do, hidden layers of pastry sweetness and rustic biscuits emerge on the nose. The palate and finish get a boost of chocolate but remain largely the same.

I’m a bit stunned by this whiskey. I haven’t had the best experiences with Leopold Bros whiskey in the past, but this… this is good. It carries none of that woody craft funk I’ve experienced in anything else they’ve done.

That could be because the Leopold Three Chamber Rye makes up the minority of the blend and the Dickel column still rye makes up the majority. Or it could be a more equal blend and both sides of the George Dickel x Leopold Bros Collaboration Blend Rye were tasty. Either is possible, but regardless of what the percentage is, the end result is quite good…Josh Peters (12/21/21)

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