Cueva De Lobos Javier San Pedro Ortega Rioja Spanish Red Wine 750 mL


it is fair to say that Javier San Pedro Ortega carries wine in his blood. He belongs to the fifth generation of a saga of vinegrowers and winemakers in Laguardia (Rioja Alavesa). By the age of five, he could be seen helping to clean his grandfather’s cellar; aged 17, he made his first wine at his father’s winery (Vallobera). He has also enjoyed the support of his uncle Carlos San Pedro from Bodegas Pujanza, a renowned winemaker in Rioja.

Javier set up on his own in the 2012 vintage. He has seven hectares under vine but he also sources grapes from 46 hectares owned by one of his cousins and other suppliers, up to a total of 100 hectares. Most of them are located in the vicinity of Laguardia but he also farms a couple of hectares owned by his wife’s family in Lanciego.

Having grown up in a family with a reputation for great value wines, His Cueva de Lobos range comes from young vines

100% Tempranillo ferented in inox and  aged 12 months in American and French oak.

“Mas labor desarolla el lobo callado que el perro ladrando”


Our vineyard La Taconera is the origin of everything. From there, it is born the idea of taking care and producing wines with old wineyards from Laguardia.

We also have young vineyards, under 20 years-old, that we use to produce our Cueva de Lobos wines until those plantations become great vineyards. We opt for land, we have 8 different “One-vineyard” wines and our single vineyard wine from 1920: La Taconera.

We are looking for the balance of the plant, trying to interfere as less as possible in the natural procedure and removing the use of herbicides and systemic products.

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