Cono Sur Pinot Noir Organic Chilean Red Wine 750 mL


Cono Sur Organic Pinot Noir 2018, Awarded 90 Points and “Best Value Red of the Year” by the Master of Wine Tim Atkin.

This Pinot Noir, made from organically grown grapes certified by the ECOCERT, bears the spirit of our estate workers, pedaling their way to our vineyards each day. Quite appealing with its rich, deep red color, this wine has a complex and developed nose that is governed by sweet wild fruit aromas, where notes of cherries and berries are enhanced by slight toasty hints. This Pinot definitely has a personality of its own; it’s tasteful, with soft tannins and an excellent structure.

The organic wine is a category within winemaking industry in which the producers are committed to a minimum environmental impact. This means, a conscious use of natural resources, like water, and the usage of natural products that replace any chemical agents.

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The organic wine shares certain benefits with the conventional wine: it helps regulate blood pressure, betters cardiac health, improves the metabolism and strengthens the immune system. However some benefits are exclusive to the organic category, here are a few:

  • Protection against harmful chemicals. The organic product excludes the use of pesticides and GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  • If you’re allergic or sensitive to sulfites, organic wines are a good option, since they usually have smaller concentration of sulfites.
  • The consumption of organic wine is a way of promoting the use of green technologies that favor the care of the planet.

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