Chateau Laubade Bas Armagnac 1972 750 mL


• Grapes exclusively coming from the property and from a single year.
• ‘Home-made’ and single distillation, grape variety by grape variety.
• The only Armagnac House coopering its own casks, from Gascony oak,  to ensure the finest maturing process.
• Complete traceability of the eaux-de-vie.
• The blend differs from a year to another.
• A unique range selection of rare vintages that are aged 15 to 50 years old.

• Blend: Baco, Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard.
• Appearance:  mahogany color.
• Nose: powerful and spicy with matured fruit flavors.
• Palate: Superb roundness, leading to complex flavors of spice, smoke and appealing richness.

• New York World Wine & Spirits Competition, 2014: Double Gold and Best Armagnac.

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Château de Laubade is not only the Armagnac region’s largest property exclusively producing Armagnac, but is also the No. 1 selling independent estate. The Lesgourgues family, owners of Château de Laubade, has forover three generations, made the property an undisputed benchmark in the Armagnac category.

Laubade uses its own copper alambic stills and even has its own cooper on site, who fabricates around 100 new barrels each year. The wood comes from 100-to-150-year-old trees, and only approximately 10 percent of the tree is suitable for making the barrel staves. After air-drying for several years, the staves are hand-planed and assembled, using just metal hoops, into barrels. The cooper then toasts the inside of the barrel with a slow-burning fire. This toasting is critical in giving the Armagnac its wonderful color, and it activates the vanilla scents and other flavors in the wood that ultimately determine its complexity, depth and balance.

The Laubade cellarmaster ages these complex spirits vintage by vintage using more than 2,800 barrels arrayed between 7 cellars. This incredible inventory, one of the most important in Armagnac, is vital in producing world-class product.

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