Bruichladdich Octomore 13.3 American/European Cask 5 year SingleMalt Islay Scotch Whisky 750mL (Copy)


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Distilled in 2016 from the 2015 harvest of 100% Octomore Farm-grown Concerto barley, then matured for 5 years in a combination of first fill bourbon and second fill European oak barrels — a slight shift on the usual formula, which is typically bourbon only. 129.3 ppm. Much hotter than the 13.1, but surprisingly much more well-rounded, with less overt smoke and ash and a much stronger fruit character on the nose, showcasing lemon and orange peel, but not nearly as sharply as the 13.2 bottling. Fruit moves into nutty nougat on the palate, informed by a moderated seaside bonfire character — smoke and salt and seaweed all in a swirl. The overall composition is more iconic Octomore than either of the other two releases in this series and a classic representation of Islay turned up to 11. I like 13.2 for its uniqueness, but those looking for something right in line with tradition will find this on point. 122.2 proof.

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