Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka Professional Proof 151 Pennsylvania


"The Professional Proof 151 was designed to allow craft mixologists and consumers the ability to create their own house-made bitters, liquors and aged cocktails. Made from the same recipe as the Potato Vodka, 151 is concentrated almost 1.9 times. Professional Proof presents a similar vanilla-tinged flavor profile of Boyd & Blair’s standard vodka. "The owners of Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka, Barry Young and C. Prentiss Orr, give new meaning to the phrase ‘handmade by locals.’ Produced from an original mash using locally-grown potatoes, this batch-distilled vodka is produced by hand; in other words, without the use of automated controls. As Still Master, Barry chooses the more expensive and labor-intensive route and only uses the ‘heart of the run’, which he cuts based on taste and experience. Named after the owners’ fathers, each bottle of Boyd & Blair is signed by Barry and then filled, corked, and dipped in wax by hand." -Martin Scott Wines

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Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 17 in
Custom Label 1