Bowman Brothers Small Batch Virginia Bourbon Whiskey 750 mL


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Wine EnthusiastThough it needs a little coaxing, this small-batch Bourbon is a fitting tribute to the four Bowman brothers, Virginia militia officers in the Revolutionary War. Give it some time and a splash of ice water, and the aromas and flavors open up. Look for sweet notes of almond, cocoa and caramel, plus the clove and nutmeg notes that build on the finish.

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“As brave pioneers, the Bowman family helped settle the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia as well as parts of Kentucky. This hand-crafted bourbon whiskey is a tribute to the original Bowman brothers from Virginia. John, Abraham, Joseph and Isaac Bowman were Virginia militia officers in the American Revolutionary War. In 1779, they led thirty pioneer families to Madison County, Kentucky and established Bowman’s Station. They were legends, admired and respected by fellow settlers for their courage and bravery. “This small batch bourbon has been distilled three times using the finest corn, rye and malted barley. An aroma of caramelized apples and nuts meets the nose. Its complex flavor has hints of vanilla and oak, while the finish is smooth and mellow. Enjoy straight, over ice or with a splash of water.” -The Distillery

NOSE A welcoming aroma of brown sugar, sweet cinnamon, oak, and a twinge of floral potpourri. A quick swirl of the glass brings forth a bouquet of additional sweet notes of candy apple, peach, and custard. It’s a pleasant nose with a fair amount of complexity.

PALATE Its oily and thick mouthfeel is immediately noticeable. Vanilla, toffee, roasted nuts, and toasted oak hit with medium intensity. Despite having sweeter flavors, the palate is quite dry overall, and keeps the sweet flavors in check. It’s a little rough around the edges, but has a decent core.

FINISH Quite a bit of spiciness that makes it seem as if someone dropped a jalapeno in my glass. This isn’t a hot finish, but a spicy one. Toasted oak, black pepper, and red pepper flakes dominate. It’s not spicy to the point of clearing your sinuses, but more of a fiery blast with a long fallout. It’s a bit more interesting than it is delicious, but overall, wow.

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