Do Good Spirits Bootlegger New York Craft Gin 94 proof 750mL

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A perfectly crafted Gin that’s made in America and good enough to make James Bond change up his favorite recipe.

Their Gin follows a classic recipe of botanicals; juniper (of course), coriander, bitter orange peel, and orris root start things off squarely placed in Gin history. Then they add lemon verbena leaf, a decidedly New World herb that really adds a nice, lemony, minty, and herbal something to the mix. They take a real “less-is-more” approach to this simple recipe, steeping those simple five botanicals for a full 24 hours in 120-proof corn Spirit to draw our the essential oils, then bottling the elixir at 94 proof… And it’s ready to go into your next G&T or a classic cocktail. It is amazing as a replacement for Beefeater in a Vesper Martini… seriously, try it! The botanicals marry perfectly with the Lillet Blanc and it just works.

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About Do Good Spirits

“Since our opening in 2009 , Prohibition Distillery in Roscoe NY in the heart of the Catskills in Sullivan County has  done our tastings for donations. The symbol of our company is the poppy flower. It is the flower of remembrance for fallen sailors and soldiers dating back to the end of World War I. As a Veteran, I feel it is important to remind people of its meaning and ask they continue the tradition. As we have grown, so has my perspective on life and my ability to positively impact others.

In 2016, my friend Brian made a toast. Brian was a man of principle. He loved his family, his country and lived with honor. You knew he had your back. He was a Navy SEAL who went on to serve our country in the government. He made the world a better place and made all of us who knew him better as a result. At the end of a long night of revelry, he raised a glass and toasted “Do Good.” I asked him to explain his toast. He looked at us and said “You do good everyday. You always try to make a positive impact on the world around you. Knowing this allows me to do my job and that I am doing good.” Again, he toasted “DO GOOD.” Then he walked off into the night. These were the last words my friend said to me. His words have never left my heart and are now the core mission of our distillery.

In October 2020, Do Good Spirits was born. We now raise money and awareness for his charity, which cares for Brian’s men and their families that have been left behind.

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