Bomberger’s Declaration 2023 Bourbon 108 proof Kentucky Whiskey 750 mL


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The new Michter’s distillery in Louisville, Kentucky continues to honor the past of the old Michter’s in Pennsylvania with their Bomberger’s Declaration release, a 54% high proof limited edition bottling that pays homage to one of Bourbon’s lost brands. While the age and contents of the Bomberger release are unknown, but speculation puts it above 10 years old. The nose is incredibly rich and oily, loaded with oak and a heaviness that is reminiscent of recent releases like Old Forester’s excellent 1920 Prohibition expression. That heavily-oaked character continues onto the palate where it becomes entirely concentrated and all-encompassing. Those who like their Bourbon bright, zesty, and full of cinnamon and cloves will find the polar opposite here. The Bomberger is more herbaceous, brimming with heavier and richer flavors like brandy-covered prunes and polished wood. It’s clearly using whiskies of some maturity, making it one of the more intriguing releases from Michter’s thus far.

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