Bigallet China China Amer French liqueur 750 mL


This liqueur produced by Bigallet since 1875 is made from sweet and bitter orange peels, which have macerated and have been distilled in alambics. A bouquet of aromatics including cinchona bark, gentian, clove and allspice give this liqueur a unique character.
– Herbal and bittersweet aromas of gentian, quinine, orange peel, clove, and winter spice
– Try using 1/2 oz of China china in place of bitters in an Old Fashioned or Negroni

Since 1872, the Félix Bigallet distillery has been crafting spirits and liqueurs, with a focus on herbal and bitter ingredients that are emblematic of the French Alps. The original distillery was started by Félix Bigallet in the famous Place Bellecour in the city of Lyon. In 1885, the company moved to Virieu-sur-Bourbe, a tiny village at the foot of the Rhone Alps, where the Bigallet family originated. The distillery was built in what was formerly a school house. The nearby railway made the importation of all the required raw materials easier for Bigallet, including wine from the south of France, sugar loaves from the Antilles, rum from the Americas, lemons from Sicily, and oranges from Spain or northern Africa. Today, the village of Virieu has a population of around 1,200, and members of the Bigallet family still operate the charming distillery that produces fine fruit syrups and unique Alpine spirits for the surrounding region.

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