Baker’s Bourbon Single Barrel 7 year 107 proof Kentucky Whiskey


About the “new” Baker’s Baker’s is one of Beam’s four small batch bourbons. Although it was like the redheade stepchild. It was an awkward price, proof and age. Booker’s was the original and high test (120 plus proof). It was my first and I dubbed it “rocket fuel for the soul”. It appeals to seasoned whiskey aficionados . Basil Hayden has the cute bottle and lower proof which makes it a great introductory Bourbon for newbies. Knob Creek is just a super bargain and I like it because it’s high rye but poor Baker’s never had a niche market, until 2019. That year they turned it into a single barrel project so each batch was is unique and some tasting went into the barrel selection. The age varies a little but is minimum seven years. For what it is it’s a good buy and very enjoyable.

About the barrel and the bottling age and proof varies slightly from barrel to barrel but always minimum 7 years and minimum 107 proof. Mashbill 77% Corn, 13% Rye, 10% Malted Barley. On the website you can look up where in rickhouse your barrel came from! The website gives these details from the serial number on the bottle neck.

About aging Bourbon Bourbon is aged in a multi floor warehouse full of racks of barrels called a “rickhouse”. The climate is hot in summer and cold in winter which all amplifies aging through expansion and contraction of the barrel staves. This barrel came from a middle floor, ideal for 7 to 8 year bourbons it’s the sweet spot or “center cut”  as Booker Noe would say . It’s hot but not blazing hot like the upper floors.Higher floors are very hot and drier creating a spicier profile and a higher proof. Lower floors are cooler and more humid creating fruitier and more floral flavors and aroms. The middle floors create robust vanilla flavors and nice texture.

Ratings & Reviews   93 points June 2022

Nose – 91/100 Somewhat subdued and approachable with hints of deep caramel, rye spice, nuts, and licorice.

Palate – 95/100 An initial blast of spice that was somewhat hidden by the nose, followed by brown sugar, oak, and vanilla. This is bold, but not too bold—making for a very enjoyable ”Beam” experience.

Finish – 93/100 Sweet and satisfying medium-length finish with notes of vanilla, rye, and nuts. Perfectly rounds out the sip.

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Baker has always believed that the ideal bourbon is made according to three fundamental rules: First, it’s aged at least seven years to extract the notes of vanilla trapped within the charred oak. Second, a great bourbon carries substantial flavor. And third, when he tries it, he better like it. These rules might seem simple, but they make for one hell of a bourbon. And today, inspired by the living legend that is Baker Beam, we craft every barrel of this exquisite, 7-year, 107-proof, single-barrel bourbon with thease things in mind.

Baker Beam retired in 1993, but his appreciation for the finer points of bourbon runs as deep as ever. When he first started at the distillery, he worked the night shift. He showed up on a hog, occasionally with company. He wore a black leather jacket with a wide-brimmed hat, and his close friends called him “Bake”. In his youth, some say he was as smooth as the bourbon he crafted. And as a 5th generation Beam, that bourbon ran in his blood. The Clermont distillery was his baby, and he knew the property like the black of his hand. When he retired, his cousin Booker Noe created Baker’s Bourbon in his honor, inspired by his passion for bourbon and his maverick nature.

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