American Highway Reserve Bourbon (Batch One) Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey 750mL


Age: NAS (According to the press release, a blend of 4 bourbons: 28% 3 year old, 25% 3 year old, 24% 13 year old, and 23% 15 year old)
Blend of 4 mashbills  96 proof

Tasting notes from Breaking Bourbon
NOSE Lightly toasted oak combines with apricot and sweet caramel. Rye spice comes forward…

PALATE A rush of caramel chews, toffee, Milky Way bar, and vanilla cream come forward, accented by a wave of rye spice. A smattering of leather, aged oak, and pipe tobacco echo in the background…

FINISH The sweeter flavors found in the palate taper off first, revealing savory leather, peppery oak, and pretzel bun behind. Slight rye spice moves in, and the finish lingers for a nice amount of time

“Starting with a bourbon that traveled over 7,000 miles around the country with Brad Paisley on tour, his blend of 3, 13, and 15 year old barrels in collaboration with Bardstown Bourbon Company tells a story that’s backed up by a well-crafted bourbon.” Breaking Bourbon (Nick Beiter)

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“American Highway Reserve was created by Brad Paisley, an American country music singer and songwriter. The initial batch includes bourbon from the 90 barrels that were placed on a 53 foot semi-trailer nicknamed the “Rolling Rickhouse” and driven around the United States to age a total of 7,314 miles, journeying through 25 states, at an average temperature of 93.5 degrees. From there, Paisley on the final blend which consisted of 3 year, 13 year, and 15 year barrels to make the initial batch, which yielded a total of 30,000 bottles.” Breaking Bourbon

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