2XO The Phoenix Blend 104 proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750mL


Dixon Dedman started 2XO “2 times Oak” after selling Kentucky Owl where he earned his rep for blending rich, high proof Bourbons and Ryes. After Stoli bought his Kentucky Owl brand he moved on to this new project of his. The first release “The Phoenix Blend” is a limited production blend of Bourbons re-barreled in charred new oak a second time for more sweet oak impact on the flavor and greater smoothness from the additional barrel age. Limited availability

Tasting Notes from the distillery:
Nose: Butterscotch and creme brûlée
Taste viscous mouthfeel with caramel and red fruit
Finish more toasty vanilla notes, red fruit an a hint of pepperiness

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Weight 48 oz
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