Pinot Noir Sale

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We’re having a pinot problem. We have no more room for all our Pinot Noirs!

In an effort to solve this, we’re offering a 20% Sale on All Pinot Noirs – don’t miss it!

These are some of our favorite Pinots, and our sale starts at $10/bottle. We’re offering this sale throughAugust 7, or until we sell out – whichever comes first. So, don’t miss out!  
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Mora’s July Spirit Tasting

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Mora’s is having a FREE Monthly Spirit Tasting on July 19 from 4-7 – and you’re invited!

LAGAVULIN: This limited edition 8-year single malt Scotch whisky is a special 200th anniversary bottling – when it’s gone, it’s gone. Don’t miss out on your chance to sample its light, pleasing aroma and layered, smoky flavors!

DON JULIO ANEJO CLARO: An incredible, crystal clear Anejo tequila. It starts with a lively aroma of citrus fruit and caramel notes. The flavor is sublime: fresh honey with notes of peppercorn, lemon and tobacco. It ends with a long, clean finish!

BLADE & BOW BOURBON: Fruity but not too sweet, warm but not too toasty – this new Kentucky bourbon is one to remember. It’s aged using a unique Solera system. 


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Weekly Wine Tasting – July 14

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We have some fantastic wines in our lineup this week, and we can’t wait to share them with you!
We’re featuring the aforementioned 95-pointer from Monte Rosso vineyard, a really great rosé, and aperennial favorite from Skinner Vineyards.

If you can’t make it to our free weekly tasting, you can still snag the deals online!

See our weekly deals – up to 15% off!

Weekly Wine Tasting – July 8

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Throw another shrimp on the ‘barbie! We’re tasting some great Australian wines at our Free Weekly Tasting this weekend! 

Stop by the shop this Saturday to try them out – and as a special on-theme treat, we’ve added the original 1980 video to Men at Work’s “Down Under” at the bottom of this email. *Mora’s can’t be held responsible if this song gets stuck in your head all weekend long. 

This week, we have three awesome Australian offerings, including perennial favorite Taltarni Sparkling Rosé. We threw in a great Austrian white and an excellent Californian red to keep things interesting. 

If you can’t make it to our free weekly tasting, you can still snag the deals online!

See our weekly deals – up to 15% off!

Summer Rosé Sale

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Mora’s is having the best rosé sale of the summer – over twenty of our favorite pink wines are on sale for 20% off! 

Don’t miss out on this chance to stock up for the rest of the summer!
Shop the sale now >>

Mora’s FREE Monthly Spirits Tasting! July 1

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Yeah, that’s right.
We’re daring you. 

If you’ve ever said, “Eh, I’m not really a gin person,” we DARE you to say that after trying our Monkey 47 Gin at our  FREE Monthly Spirits Tasting. This spectacular spirit is sure to convert any gin skeptics out there!

This Monkey 47 Gin is super special. A good third of its forty seven hand-picked ingredients hail from Germany’s Black Forest. Masterfully distilled, the resulting spirit is a showstopper. It has a distinctive juniper flavor, layered with elegant tones of herbs and Asian spices.

Master reviewer Robert Parker says it’s the best gin he’s ever tasted! Want to try it for yourself?

Stop by our FREE Spirits Tasting on July 1 at the shop, or snag the deals online!

Click here to see the full lineup!
Jameson Caskmates Irish Whiskey

Jameson never disappoints. This gem from the Emerald Isle is finished in stout-seasoned whiskey casks. The resulting flavor has notes of cocoa, coffee, and butterscotch – totally delicious and dessert-worthy.


Aberlour 12-Year Single Malt Scotch

A classic single malt Scotch whiskey. It starts with a robust and aromatic nose, and has a creamy flavor with almonds and spices. With a satisfying finish, you’re not gonna want to share this one. Hide it in the cupboard when company comes over.


Omeca Altos Plata Tequila

Rated 92 points, it’s hard to find a better tequila for your summer parties. Refreshing and citrusy, with a zingy hint of jalepenõ spice running through it – get that margarita blender ready!


Smooth Ambler Contradiction Bourbon

American as apple pie… or bourbon. This gold medal-winning Bourbon is a unique blend of wheated bourbon and rye bourbon. The result is a delicious whiskey perfect for sipping with your pie a la mode.


Jameson Black Barrel

Classic Jameson (would you expect any less?), but with more developed and pronounced flavors – concentrated spice, nutty tones, and hints of vanilla.


Monkey Schwarzwald Gin

Distinct juniper flavors are layered with elegant tones of herbs and Asian spices. One of the most delicious gins on the market!



This Father’s Day, Get Dad What He Really Wants

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This Father’s Day, Get Dad What He Really Wants. 

At our FREE Monthly Spirits Tasting on June 15 from 4-7.

“Dad, this rum is as old as you!” Well, not quite, but it is pretty old. (Just like dad! Just kidding. Don’t tell him we said that).

This is Gosling’s family reserve recipe – the ultimate sipping rum, reminiscent of a fine Scotch or cognac. Enjoy its luscious, complex flavor while enjoying dad’s company. 

These bottles are hand-packaged with care – definitely a great gift. 


See the rest of our whiskey deals below!
Have you ever tasted a rum that’s rated a whopping NINETY SIX POINTS? Seriously, a sip of this is worth the price of admission (and in case you’ve missed it, the price of admission is FREE).

It’s hard to overstate how awesome this rum is. Dark amber with a medium body, it’s not a rough-and-tumble pirate rum – quite the opposite! We love its smooth, round taste and elegant finish.

And it’s on sale for under $20? Seriously. Best Father’s Day gift ever. 


Jefferson’s is great for the dad who’s a bourbon enthusiast but also for the dad who’s just getting into bourbon (what’s taken him so long?!).

For this whiskey, Jefferson’s takes four straight bourbons of different ages and marries them together, meaning layers and layers of delicious flavors.


How to become dad’s favorite kid: get him a bourbon that was AGED ON A BOAT. You can’t get a cooler gift than that. 

Jefferson’s Ocean Bourbon is packed into barrels, brought onto a ship, and rocked gently by the waves as it travels five continents.

This dark, rich, and complex whiskey sells out quickly – we’re lucky to have a few bottles, so snag yours now!


This elegant Irish whiskey is a great gift for the dad who wants to try something different.

With clean, bright citrus on the nose, it has malty, vanilla flavors. Well-balanced and slightly sweet, it’s a kinder, gentler Irish whiskey. 


Weekly Wine Tasting – Week of June 2

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What do Joan Jett and this week’s wine tasting have in common? CHERRY BOMB! At Mora’s FREE Weekly Wine Tasting, Saturday 5/27 from 3-6 PM, we’re featuring a selection of great summer wines, including a fresh rosé that’s bursting with ripe summer cherry flavors.

This week at our free weekly tasting, we’re featuring an awesome selection of summer wines, most of which are under $20.From that cherry-packed rosé to a bright Chardonnay, to a pure Pinot Noir, you can’t miss out!

If you can’t make it to our free weekly tasting, you can still snag the deals online!

See our weekly deals – up to 15% off!

Rojac Istra Refosk

With strong acidity and an elegant finish, this Slovenian wine is a gem that you can’t miss out on. On sale for under $16!


Indie Rosato Rosé WineThis cherry-packed rosé screams “summer.” With juicy fruit flavors and a crisp, refreshing finish, you’ll want a case to last you through Labor Day. 


Next up is the Pip Sonoma Coast. This bright and lively white has been described as the “perfect Chardonnay” by reviewers. It’s slightly oaky, with an emphasis on acidity and freshness. On sale for under $16 this week! SHOP NOW >>

Tenuta La Favola FravolatoThis Sicilian wine is exquisitely crafted and perfectly balanced. On sale for $17, it’s a great one to try out!


Bourgogne Pinot NoirThis delicious and pure Pinot Noir is aged in concrete for 8 months. Its winemaker applies organic and biodynamic wine principles to his wines, making for an eco-friendly offering.


As an on-theme bonus for this week, enjoy this vintage video of Joan Jett & the Blackhearts playing “Cherry Bomb!” They don’t make ’em like they used to!

DRC Grands Echezeaux for sale

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DRC Grands Echezeaux for sale

DRC Grands Echezeaux for sale

All our wines are special, but this wine is REALLY special. 

We have a DRC Grands Echezeaux for sale, and we’re offering it to our loyal email subscribers first.

All of our wines are special (we like to say that you can’t get a bad bottle of wine at Mora’s), but once in a while we come across one that’s beyond special.

Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, better known as DRC, is Burgundy’s best-known and most collectible wine producer. They make some of the finest, most sought-after, and most expensive wines in the world.

DRC Grands Echezeaux Grand Cru is one of these wines, hailing from the village of Flagey-Echezeaux. This wine is ultra-rich and can age for decades. It’s a collector’s dream, and we only come across these wines every once in a while.

We have a bottle of it available – if you’re a wine collector  or enthusiast,  or just love DRC wines, please call the store directly at (631) 941-4458 to purchase it.

Skip the Potato Salad, Bring Wine Instead

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SKIp the potato salad.bring wine instead.



This week at our free weekly tasting, you can snag some of our favorite wines from around the world – starting at a mere $9/bottle.

From a powerful French rosé to a rockstar Spanish red, there’s something to please everyone.

If you can’t make it to our free weekly tasting, you can still snag the deals online!


Alto Moncayo Garnacha

Reviewers give this Spanish wine RAVE reviews, calling it a “blockbuster.” Full-bodied and powerful, its layered flavors have hints of black pepper and licorice. You’re going to want to buy a bottle for your host and hoard another for yourself.


Casanova di Neri Irrosso

SUCH a good wine for only $19! This one is on major sale this week, so don’t miss out. A quintessential Italian red – long lasting and elegant with firm tannins, it has a delightful hints of maraschino cherry and violet.


Black’s Station Cabernet Sauvignon

The BEST wine for your barbecue, hands down – for NINE BUCKS. Layers of toast, black currant, and chocolate lead to a big, juicy finish – totally perfect for your weekend burgers.


Bodegas Avancia Cuvee de O 

A vibrant, citrusy white whose zest will brighten up your evening. It’s bright and pure as opposed to sweet and fruity – if you like your white with a bite, this one’s for you!


Magali French Rosé

This rosé is powerful, aromatic, and fresh. If you’re going to a fancy barbecue, this is the perfect wine to impress your hosts (they don’t need to know that it only cost you sixteen bucks). Enjoy it all summer long with your favorite paellas and Mediterranean pasta dishes.