What’s in your Wineglass?

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From the Madison Wine Exchange We once were a country that depended on the small family farm to provide us with food. Today, those are few and far between with the majority of our food supply coming from large corporate farms. This all began after World War 2 when new technologies, mechanization and the increased use of chemicals were implemented to maximize production. These practices changed the face of farming and lead to the decline of the family farm. It also changed our food supply, engineering it and homogenizing it. Today our food comes from farms that utilize a wide range of chemicals and genetically modified organisms to maximize yields and minimize production costs.

Do things like Dimethyl Dicarbonate, Ammonium Salts, Gum Arabic, Mega Purple or Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone sound like something you want in your wine?

This is also a concern for the wine world. In the United States over 50% of all wines are made by three large corporations. In the wine industry there are 76 FDA approved additives that are allowed to be used in production. While it is a romantic notion to think that our wine is a product that comes from treaded grapes naturally fermented in an idyllic vineyard setting, much of the wine consumed domestically comes from the same type of factory farm as does our food.

With all of this happening to our food and wine a new language has evolved to support farms and vineyards that use holistic practices to bring us purer products. Sustainable, Organic, Biodynamic are all terms that are becoming more important to the informed consumer who has concern over what they eat and drink.

Carolyn’s First Tasting of the Year…

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The winter has gone on far too long. The wine reserves are low and my perk is poking. I need to get some fun wine out there. So Rich and I looked through the cellar at some old and new favorites and found SIX that we think you will love…..


Old Poodle Dog Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2014 Red California Wine 750 mL
Old Poodle Dog Cabernet Sauvignon

COHO Wines, one of Napa Valley’s acclaimed red wine producers, announced the launch of its Old Poodle Dog label back in 2012.  The 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon still comes from a selection of premier vineyards in the Coombsville, Yountville and Diamond Mountain appellations. Every year has brought more and more accolades to this Winery and this special wine…

“This first release of Old Poodle Dog encompasses everything I love about Napa Valley Cabernet,” said Gary Lipp, owner of COHO Wines. “It’s authentic and delicious. We make it with the same standards, practices and fruit sourcing we use for our COHO wines. The only difference is lot selection. Old Poodle Dog is a blend of the most approachable and imminently drinkable barrels in our cellar. It’s a very affordable Napa Valley Cabernet. So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Market price: $47.99 save 15%
Covenant Red The Tribe Kosher for Passover California Red Wine 750 mL

Covenant Red The Tribe Red Blend

The Tribe is what happens when a few good winemakers decide that it is possible to create a beautiful wine that is also Kosher!  For more information about this Winery and wine, check out our Kosher Tasting Blog post

Wine Spectator 92 points – Jammy and plump, with black raspberry and sassafras aromas and deep blackberry cobbler, pepper and clove flavors. Syrah, Petite Sirah and Zinfandel. Drink now through 2024. 400 cases made. -TF.December/2017

Wine Enthusiast 93 points – This lovely blend of Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and Grenache is hearty and robust, with lavender, garrigue, black pepper and cinnamon aromas. Its velvety texture gives way to rich blueberry cobbler flavors peppered with firewood smoke notes, recalling a winter’s night..December/2017

The Tribe wines are made with the new flash-detente technique that allows us to flash-heat our grapes straight out of the vineyard. We never heat the wine. Both white and red wines are barrel fermented with native yeast.

Market price: $37.99 save 15%
Alain Girard Sancerre Rouge French Red Wine 750 mL

Alain Girard Sancerre Rouge

I thought it would be fun to transition from the whites to the reds with something that sounds like it should be white but is red!  Girard’s Sancerre Blanc is famous.  This beautiful Pinot Noir deserves to be just as famous!
“This domaine, which dates from 1875, was run by Alain Girard until 2007, at which point his two sons, Anthony and Nicolas, took over. The property extends over 31 acres, only five of which are planted to Pinot Noir … This Sancerre Rouge is 100% Pinot Noir; elegant and subtle, it has bright fruit, soft tannins, and crisp yet balanced acidity.” – The Importer
Market price: $24.99 save 15%
Damilano Nebbiolo d'Alba Marghe Italian Red Wine 750 mL

Damilano Nebbiolo d’Alba Marghe

Ah! for those of you who, like me, love the Produttori del Barbaresco Langhe Nebbiolo, this is a must taste!  Beautiful, less expensive, and the recipient of some great reviews, this might become another “go-to.”

88 Points – Wine Advocate, June 2013 “The 2011 Langhe Nebbiolo Marghe is a terrific wine that shows the bright intensity of the Nebbiolo grape framed by fresh notes of cherry fruit, rosebud, polished stone and licorice. The wine goes down easily and refreshes the palate thanks to its balanced acidity. Anticipated maturity: 2013-2016.” -Monica Larner

Market price: $18.99 save 15%
Ah….Petit Chablis…the sweet light of the hill.  I love this wine for so many reasons.  First of all it is a French Chablis which is under $20.00.  Secondly, it sings on limestone, pear, and all the beauty of a steely Chardonnay.  Finally, it’s bright, soft, vibrant, and light;  all the things I wish for in life(and spring…and summer…).  This is simply wonderful!
Market price: $16.99 save 15%
Osprey's Dominion Pinot Gris White Long Island Wine 750 mL

Osprey’s Dominion Pinot Gris

Any list of my favorites is going to contain at least one terrific Long Island Wine.  This Pinot Gris has been poured at the shop before, but I think it is wonderful for this time of year.  It’s light, it’s fruity, but it’s got alot going on….just like the earth in early spring.

Previous Vintage: 89 Points – Wine Advocate, June 2015 “The 2013 Pinot Gris Reserve is unoaked. This is a very respectable expression of Pinot Gris, solid in the mid-palate, juicy on the finish and showing more than a little tension. It has a dark and burnished feel to it, but it is quickly enlivened by the nice acidity on the finish. For the very reasonable price, it should easily exceed expectations if you prefer your wines on the crisp and steelier side. As it warmed and aired out, it just got better. There were 145 cases produced.” -Mark Squires

Market price: $15.99 save 15%
Well, there you have it!  The rundown on our April 7th tasting.  I hope you get a chance to stop by…..

Wine in the Bleak Dark Winter

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I’ve been sitting here wondering why Wine Shop sales fall off immediately after holidays.  There are obvious reasons, of course, that range from losing those New Year’s Resolution pounds to wanting to tighten the financial belt as much as the physical one.  There’s another, though, that I think is big and THAT is The Bleak, Dark Winter(you just felt a chill, didn’t you?).  There are a few weeks during our year that just aren’t holiday-y.  A few are in August, but who notices then?  The others are these January days–so long–so cold–so dark–so unlike anything fun.

Well, I’ve decided on a solution(or resolution), at least for me.  I’m sharing because it might strike a chord in you and give you a great idea for a resolution that will stick and grow…maybe into a whole new interest.  I’m going to concentrate on studying(and drinking) one varietal of wine for a month.  After January, I’ll move to another varietal, or maybe appellation.  From there, perhaps I’m move to fortified wines. Ok, it might all fall apart by spring, but by then I won’t care!  I’ll have early plantings!  For now, it will give me a reason to try something new and exciting, maybe filled with bubbles or with warmth.  Whatever, it will lend beauty, texture and substance to my days and a shred of determination to my resolutions.


Here are some ideas and choices that I’ve seen around Mora’s Fine Wines.

Llopart is a pLlopart Leopardi Rose Brut Reserva  2013 Spanish Sparkling Cava Wineersonal favorite of mine.  Cava is basically Spanish Champagne which, not being made in Champagne, cannot carry the name. It is gently pink, not too sweet, goes with anything or nothing at all!  From here you could go through Cavas, or sparkling wine from anywhere but France, or just  progress to Champagne!



While many people think Rose is just for summer, Rich and I both love Rose and will drink it throughout the year.  With the last few Summers’ LaPorte Sancerre Rose Wine 750mLburst of the Rose market,  many more Roses have come in to our universe.  Laporte has a beautiful deep salmon color and a serious heft of Rose greatness.  It is made of Sancerre.  To my palate it is less sweet, with mid-range body, and beautiful balance.  The area it comes from runs from the white cliffs of Dover(how can you not love that), through Champagne onto Chablis.  It is simply lovely and along with chocolate, entertained me through the last blizzard.

With the wide variety of Roses available, you could easily spend far more than a month exploring.




Ok…. I’m a little heavy on the pinks……Something serious?



  Are you seeing thIf You See Kay Italian Red Wine 750 mLe word play on this label?…If you see Kay…  However funny the name and label are, the wine is every bit as serious.  This one is big!!!!  It is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Syrah, and Primitivo.  If you see Kay is bursting with warm fruit flavor(and alcohol).  Drink this one at home around the fire or movie.  Eat a good dinner.

While this isn’t an expression of a single varietal, it does show what fun serious blends can be.  If you don’t want to limit yourself to  perhaps, Cabernet Sauvignon or the like you can try blends that are comprised primarily of this varietal and study how the expression varies with the choice of companion varietals.  It’s all for fun.





And let’s face it…..for fun, there is nothing better than…….


Taltarni Tache 2011 Australian Rose Sparkling Wine 750mL

I love bubbles and I love Taltarni.  We all know why it can’t be “Champagne,” right?  But do we care?  Nah!  This is beautiful.  It was awarded 90 points by Wine Advocate(if we cared), and won the award for “Australia’s Best Sparkling Rose” in the Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships(ahhhhhh, the training!).  Yes, it is filled with petal and salmon color.  Yes, it is  made of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier.  But what do I like best about this bottle of joy?  Taltarni cleanses the palate as few other sparklers I’ve encountered.  For a winter gathering of two or twenty, this will keep the party going in the gentlest way.

Well, that was fun.   I hope I’ve given you some ideas for a resolution we can all accomplish and a way to outlast these cold dreary days and nights.  Please remember you are always welcome at Mora’s for browsing, tasting, or some great recommendations!



Mora’s Grand Tasting – #ThrowbackThursday

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It’s #ThrowbackThursday – you know, when everyone posts photos on social media of themselves when they were younger, thinner, and better looking.(Hey, no judgement, we looked a lot better in the early 90’s, too).

Today we’re throwing back to last October and our first annual Grand Tasting event at Madiran the Wine Bar! It was totally amazing – all of our favorite wine reps, delicious apps, and general merriment.And guess what? Our second one is coming up in October, and tickets are selling like hotcakes! Make sure to get yours now. 

Get your tickets now >>



Pinot Noir Sale

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We’re having a pinot problem. We have no more room for all our Pinot Noirs!

In an effort to solve this, we’re offering a 20% Sale on All Pinot Noirs – don’t miss it!

These are some of our favorite Pinots, and our sale starts at $10/bottle. We’re offering this sale throughAugust 7, or until we sell out – whichever comes first. So, don’t miss out!  
Take me to your Pinot! >> 

Mora’s July Spirit Tasting

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Mora’s is having a FREE Monthly Spirit Tasting on July 19 from 4-7 – and you’re invited!

LAGAVULIN: This limited edition 8-year single malt Scotch whisky is a special 200th anniversary bottling – when it’s gone, it’s gone. Don’t miss out on your chance to sample its light, pleasing aroma and layered, smoky flavors!

DON JULIO ANEJO CLARO: An incredible, crystal clear Anejo tequila. It starts with a lively aroma of citrus fruit and caramel notes. The flavor is sublime: fresh honey with notes of peppercorn, lemon and tobacco. It ends with a long, clean finish!

BLADE & BOW BOURBON: Fruity but not too sweet, warm but not too toasty – this new Kentucky bourbon is one to remember. It’s aged using a unique Solera system. 


Untitled design (1)

Summer Rosé Sale

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Mora’s is having the best rosé sale of the summer – over twenty of our favorite pink wines are on sale for 20% off! 

Don’t miss out on this chance to stock up for the rest of the summer!
Shop the sale now >>

Cool Reds for Hot Summer Nights

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What type of wine do you drink when you’re grilling the perfect steak but the weather is too hot for a big, bold Cabernet?

Mora’s has got you covered with a selection of light summer reds for your Memorial Day Weekend barbecues!

Medici Ermete Lambrusco Secco

Medici Ermete Lambrusco

A 91-point Lambrusco on sale for under $12Yeah, we’re serious!  This delicious sparkling red wine is dry, fruity, and fresh in flavor.

PAIRS WITH: light summer salads and vegetables straight from the garden



Tess Winery Red & White Blend

A delicious blend of varietals aged for 10 months in French oak barrels. Delightful and refreshing with a bright acidity – perfect for those lazy hazy days of summer!

PAIRS WITH: fresh fruit salad and summer watermelon



Pfarhoff Kalterersee

A ripe and juicy red full of summer berry flavors. It has a pleasantly full body with elegant tannins. Perfect to pack in a picnic basket on a steamy summer afternoon. Only $20.99!

PAIR WITH: fresh summer pies


Fox by John Belsham Pinot Noir

Fox Pinot Noir 

A divine 92-point wine thatwe’re offering for $18.99 – $10 below the market price! Silky and seductive, it has fragrant floral and fruit aromas with a hint of spice and cocoa on the palate.

PAIR WITH: hearty grilled salmon steaks



Paul Mas Pinot Noir

An elegant wine with a fragrant nose and juicy flavor, balanced by just a hint of vanilla and spices. We’re selling it for under $12 – for that price, you can’t miss out!

PAIR WITH: juicy burgers and steaks


A Sojourn to France with our Favorite French Wines

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This week at our free weekly tasting, travel with Mora’s to the bucolic vineyards of the French countryside.

We’re featuring a great selection of fine French wines to get your summer started right. From a deliciously powerful Sancerre to a dense, herbal Margaux, we’ve got all your French favorites covered.

If you can’t make it to our free weekly tasting, you can still snag the deals online!

See our weekly deals – up to 15% off!
Chateau Marsac Seguineau Margaux

A fantastic 90-pointer, this deep and sexy wine is sure to make a place on your table. With seductive flavors of cherry and plum deepened by a whiff of tobacco, this is the Catherine Deneuve of wines. Its herbal notes keep it fresh and crisp – a not-too-heavy red perfect for warmer weather!


E. Guigal Cotes du Rhone

Rich, bold, and packed with flavor:  we kind of can’t believe that we put this one on sale for only $13.59.
Layers of savory olives, smoky earth, and dark fruit dance across your palate. It’s what you’d sip in a packed dance hall in the heart of the Belle Epoque era, eyeing a beautiful can can dancer from across the din.


Montagny Premier Cru La Grande Roche

This wine is pure France. Traditionally crafted and fresh – no wine trends or new-fangled production methods here. Just aclassic French white made of the highest-quality grapes.


La Port Due Caillou Sancerre

Crisp and clean, this elegant Sancerre begins with an aromatic nose. Is that a hint of tropical fruits? Maybe a little tinge of vanilla? The palate is bold enough to stand up to your favorite buttery French cuisine – bring on the escargots! 


Weekly Wine Tasting – Week of April 29

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This week at our FREE weekly wine tasting, one of our favorite wine consultants will be at the shop, showcasing a fantastic selection of Italian wines.
From a rich, spicy, and intense Barbaresco to a fresh, light Prosecco – you’re not going to want to miss out this week!
Keep scrolling to learn more about these beauties, and as always, if you can’t make the tasting in person, you can still snag the deals online!

A wine like a beautiful Italian movie star

A refreshing white that’s sure to become a summer staple!

First on the list is a gorgeous show-stopper. Like a beautiful Italian movie star from a Fellini film, this Barbaraesco from Ca’del Baio Vineyards simply shines. Its color is a bright garnet red with sun-dappled tinges of orange. The nose is a blend of fruity cherry and a bite of pepper and licorice, with a warm, smooth flavor.
For those who like a little bit of sparkle in their life, the Canevari prosecco is a perfect choice. On sale for under $14, you can’t miss this one! Light, refreshing, and dry, its harmonious flavors of florals and bright citrus dance down your palate. Fabulous to bring to a party!
Next up is the Pfarrhof Italian Red. Full-bodied and layered with subtle flavors of lush fruit and nutty almonds, this is a total steal for under $18. An excellent wine to enjoy with your favorite Italian meal!

Finally we have an intense Italian white, the Montezemelo Langhe Arneis. With an aroma resplendent in florals and ripe fruits, it’s pleasingly fresh and bright in flavor. A definite summer staple!
We hope to see you Saturday from 3-6 for our free tasting! If you can’t make it, you can always shop our weekly specials online!