My Favorite Wines

Wine & Spirits in The News?


Bubbles in my glass

and dark chocolate kisses.

lovely loin lamb chops with burgs which are grand crus

Amber Sauternes with  some seared foie that’s champagnes on sale

these are a few of my favorite things…


Cream colored Chardonnay and steamed lobster claws

Wehlener, Graacher and  Grosses Gewächs,DRC Grands Echezeaux for sale

Tardive and Smaragd and honeyed beerenauslese


These are a few of my favorite wines…


Blockbuster Syrah redolent of bacon

Handmade wines that you know they ain’t fakin’

aged 1st growth Bordeaux on someone else’s tab

these are the wines that are really quite Fab.


When the dog bites when the bee stings

when I’m feeling bad

I simply remember my favorite wines and then I don’t


feel so sad.

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