Wines that ROCK!

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Today, we’re featuring wines that ROCK!
We’re showing off some of our favorite wines made by rockstars – Roger Earl from Foghat and Maynard James Keenan from Tool, to be exact!
Foghat wines hail from Paso Robles in California. Foghat Cellars is a partnership between Roger Earl of Foghat and Tally Vineyards in Paso Robles. Roger is very involved in making the Foghat wines, but when he’s not touring with Foghat or making wine he lives right here in Setauket, where our shop is located!
Maynard James Keenan is best-known as the lead singer of metal band Tool, but is quickly gaining notoriety as an excellent winemaker! He owns Caduceus Cellars/Merkin Vineyards in Arizona. Their highly sought-after wines often sell out – we have very limited quantities!
A total classic of a cab at an excellent price! It has a rich palate with flavors of currant and cassis.  With a nice, long finish – and on sale for under $20, you can’t miss out!
This great Chardonnay has a deep, rich palate without being too heavy. Its refreshing tropical fruit and citrus flavors are warmed up with hints of vanilla and caramel. On sale for a total steal!
EXTREMELY LIMITED STOCK! This is an excellent blend – 45% Grenache, 40% Syrah, 15%Mourvedre. The vineyard changes this blend every year, so snagging one of our very few bottles might be your only chance to try it out!
EXTREMELY LIMITED STOCK! A hand-picked blend of  80% Nebbiolo and 20% Barbera. Caduceus Cellars’ team are total wine nerds, and they handpick and sort each and every grape that goes into each wine.
An enticing and gorgeous wine, its reviewer described it as a “Mountain Goddess.” This is one of Caduceus’s flagship wines. It’s made from 100% Arizona fruit – like bottling up Arizona desert and vibrant sunshine and pouring it into a glass!
EXTREMELY LIMITED STOCK. This fantastic red has grapes sourced 100% from New Mexico. Big, meaty, and bold, it pairs excellently with beef and barbecue.

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