Whiskey and Girl Scout Cookies – A Match Made in Heaven!

Whiskey Wednesday
This month’s Whiskey Wednesday is a doozy! Not only will we be featuring some of our favorite American whiskies, Zach will be sampling TWO signature cocktails, and our food pairing is…. drumroll please… delicious Girl Scout cookies!
We’ve always believed that cookies, cakes, and pies are the best food to pair with whiskey, and the Tagalongs and Samoas we’ll be sharing with you are the perfect complement to these delicious American whiskies!



First up we have a quintessential American Bourbon. Simple, classic, and effective, this three-grain bourbon is equal parts spicy and smooth. Made in small batches and aged in charred oak, it’s a perfect streamlined whiskey for you traditionalists.

Next we have the Gunpowder Rye, a whiskey whose flavor is as its explosive as its name. Distilled in small batches and aged in copper pots, this spicy whiskey is big and bold. It has a tinge of malt, with a long, chocolate and vanilla finish. Definitely goes great with our Girl Scout cookies!

Next up is a truly unique whiskey that you HAVE to stop by and try. The Beer Barrel Bourbon is aged in second-use Dragon’s Milk beer barrels. This lends a smooth, biscuity flavor to the whiskey, with gentle toffee and caramel notes on the finish.

Last but definitely not least is a smooth, herbal whiskey tinged with sweet honey flavors. The West of Kentucky Bourbon has an earthy, herbal nose. Its flavors are dripping with honey, molasses, allspice, and smoky charred oak, with a long and flavorful finish.

We hope to see you Wednesday, but if you can’t make it, you can shop all these fine American whiskies online!

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