Olé Rosé! Our Rosé Sale Has Arrived!

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Rose wine on sale
Our End-of-Summer Rose Sale has arrived! We’re making space in the shop for some great autumn inventory, which means YOU get to save 20% on our favorite summer rose wines
These are some of the hottest and most popular rose wines, so it’s a great idea to stock up now. They’re all on sale for UNDER $15, with one of our favorites on sale for less than $8! Seriously, you can’t miss out on this. Sale is only on while supplies last!   
See the full lineup below! 
Wolffer Estate Table Rose:
A delicious rose with pear flavors that carry well into the fall. A perfect staple to serve at dinner parties!
Charles & Charles Rose:
An awesomely complete and complex rose, whose fruity flavors are balanced by a hint of herbs and citrus. Only $11.19!
La Vieille Ferme Rose:
Lively and tasty with strawberry flavors, rated 87 points, and ON SALE FOR $7.99. SERIOUSLY. You can’t pass this up!
Aime Roquesante Cotes de Provence Rose:
A full and powerful rose with a lovely Provencal bouquet.   On sale for less than $11!
Commanderie de la Bargemone French Rose:
A highly rated wine from a historical vineyard, this French beauty has fresh and zesty flavors. A real sparkler, with an energetic finish.  On sale for less than $15!
Ferrer Escoda Barbara Fores Spanish Rose:
A 90-point Spanish rose, this is hefty and bountiful with juicy berry and citrus pith flavors.  On sale for less than $13!

Our Entire Kilchoman Lineup!

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To celebrate our major Whisky Tasting with Kilchoman Distillery on September 30, we’re sharing our HUGE selection of Kilchoman Whisky with you!  The first four listed below will be sampled at our Whisky Tasting!
This exclusive bottling is only available at our tasting on September 30th from 1:30-2:30 at the shop! You get a FREE Kilchoman t-shirt with each bottle of this fine whisky purchased.


Sanaig has a predominately sherry cask influence, owing to the significant time spent in oloroso sherry Hogsheads. These aged oloroso casks contribute a drastically transformed depth of color and character!
proper gem of a scotch, with a peaty nose, crumbly biscuit and vanilla palate, and sweet yet smoky finish.

This single cask from the 2009 vintage was aged in a refill sherry butt and bottled at cask strength.


 Offering a beautiful balance of tropical fruit, smoky peat, light vanilla, and intense sweetness, this is a great introduction to Kilchoman whisky.
Full of citrus and smoke, this hugely satisfying whisky would be a wonderful addition to any scotch-lover’s collection.
Rated a strong 93 points by the Whisky Jug, this beauty owes its complex toffee, vanilla, and caramel flavors to Kilchoman’s very particular barrel selection and aging process!
Distilled in 2009 and bottled in 2014, this gorgeous whisky is definitely worth a try!


September 17 – Free Tasting and Wine Deals of the Week!

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We’ve got you covered with some bold, spicy reds and some full, lively whites
that suit the season of Autumn.
Our free tasting this week is full of unique, delicious wines at really great prices – everything is under $17, so you can try out a lot of new ones without spending a ton of money!
So what’s on the lineup this week?
Edgebaston Pepper Pot
Tait The Ballbuster
Four Vines Biker Zinfandel
An edgy, 90-point Zinfandel with deep, sexy flavors and a hint of maple-flavored bacon aromas. Surprisingly light for its depth of flavors, this beauty is on sale for under $14!
A highly-rated Australian blend with a cheeky name, the Tait Ball Buster is 75% Shiraz, 22% Cabernet Sauvignon, 3% Merlot, and 100% full of body and flavor.
A Spicy South African red that’s 80% Syrah, 6% Mouvedre, 3% Grenache and 11% Tannat is a definite crowd-pleaser. On sale for under $12, stock up on it to bring as a gift to your fall dinner parties! 
An 89 point Washington State Malbec that has abright note of raspberry pushing through it’s spicier flavors.  This is a great Malbec to start with if you’re new to the variety, and it’s on sale for just under $17 this weeK! 
buttery 91-point Chardonnay with a nose of popcorn, sea salt caramel, and vanilla cookies. There’s enough acidity to cut through the buttery flavors, this would be great paired with fresh apple pie!
rich and toasty Spanish white, on sale for under $12, that’s a great fall transition from the lighter, fruitier summer whites.


Mora’s X Madiran Grand Tasting – Get Your Tickets Now!

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Our Grand Tasting is coming up next month! Seats are limited and tickets are selling fast.  We’ll have over 60 fine wines available for tasting from some of our favorite vineyards.

Madiran The Wine Bar in Setauket is hosting us, and they’ll have delicious hors d’oeuvres available for you to enjoy with your wine. We hope to see you there!



FREE Wine Tasting – September 10 – Italian Wines

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This week, we’re headed to sunny Italy – at least for our free weekly wine tasting, that is.
The star of the show this week is the 93-point Pecchenino Barolo. This is a gorgeous wine, from a family-owned vineyard that’s been around for over two hundred years! A rustic red filled with deep, elegant fruit flavors, this gem is a true find.
This week we’re really excited to have our friend Donatio Dieso pouring. He’s one of our favorite Italian wine consultants: he knows his wines inside and out, and is just a delight to spend time with!
What else is on the lineup?
A dry, intense Pinot Noir that goes great with fillets and chops – it’s still warm enough outside to fire up the grill!

Up next is a well-balanced, 91-point Chianti with strong cherry flavors – best part is it’s on sale for under $16! If you haven’t tried a Chianti before, this is a great, inexpensive “starter bottle.”

We also have a very unique Grechetto. What’s a Grechetto, you ask? We’ll educate you at the tasting! This one is bright with earthy, herbal flavors – not too sweet, and on sale for less than $13!

Last but not certainly not least is a fresh, clean white that pairs perfectly with Italian cheeses. At an incredible price of UNDER $10, you can stock up on it for your autumn wine and cheese parties!

We hope to see you Saturday from 3-6 for our tasting!

Our Favorite Rieslings

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Riesling wines on sale

What’s a riesling? Riesling is a refreshing white wine. It usually has fruity flavors and while certain rieslings are sweet, some are rather dry as well.

While Rieslings are mostly from Germany, they are also made in New York, California, Austria, and France.

Rieslings, especially Germain Rieslings, pair well with spicy food and Asian food. The high salt content of Thai food is perfectly paired with a German riesling.  (We’ve done a blog post on pairing Asian foods with wine – riesling is a great choice for this!

CLICK HERE to shop our rieslings! 

Mora’s X Kilchoman US East Coast Tour

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Kilchoman whisky is one of our favorite whiskys that we carry at the shop. They make a great selection of single-malt whiskys.

Kilchoman Whiskey on sale

Kilchoman Distillery is a small family run farm distillery based on the rugged west coast of Islay. The distillery was established by Anthony Wills in 2005: the idea was to build a new distillery which took whisky production back to its roots. Kilchoman produces its 100% Islay single malt from barley which is grown in fields surrounding the distillery and completes every stage of the whisky-making process at the distillery, including traditional floor malting. Kilchoman is the only distillery in Scotland to do this.

James and Peter Wills, sons of Kilchoman Founder Anthony Wills will travel from Boston to Washington DC in their custom Land Rover making stops along the way to share a few drams and a story or two of Kilchoman, Islay, and growing up in a distillery.

We’re very, very excited to be included as a stop on the Kilchoman East Coast tour! The Wills brothers will roll up to East Setauket in their custom Kilchoman Land Rover on September 30th, and will be at the shop for a Kilchoman whisky tasting from 1:30 to 2:30 PM. We encourage all of our whisky-loving fans to attend – and if you can’t be there, we’ll be streaming it on Facebook Live for you to watch later!

To get in the mood for this awesome event, shop our Kilchoman products here!



FREE Wine Tasting – September 3

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Buff Beauty Wine on Sale


Summer isn’t over yet! Put Mora’s on your calendar for Labor Day Weekend – our free wine tasting is Saturday from 3-6. (If you can’t make it, no worries, you won’t miss out on the sales! We ship coast-to-coast!)
We’re featuring Carolyn’s favorite wines, an amazing lineup of great wines at terrific prices.
Everything is on sale for less than $17, with anincredible rosé for only $11!
You’ll be the hit of your summer barbecue with these gems – and we’re open on Labor Day
from 9-5, so you can even stop in then to grab one!
What else is on the lineup?
A fruity, elegant chardonnay that’s a whopping 45% off. FORTY FIVE PERCENT! Your hosts will be so impressed that you brought such a fancy wine, they’ll never know that you snagged it for under $16.
An Italian Red with a subtle, juicy spice that stands up well to your barbecue favorites – on sale for less than $13!
juicy, Australian red with a 90 point rating
and a great 50’s pulp fiction label.
 Koehler Ruprecht Pfalz Kabinett Steinacker – a light, refined German riesling (extra points if you pronounce it correctly on the first try)!


The Tale of Champagne Charlie – and a Free Bottle of Bubbly!

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Sit down, glass of bubbles in hand, and let us tell you a tale!

The year is 1852. The man is Charles Heidsieck, also known as Champagne Charlie. What a guy, what a name!

Dashing Frenchman Charles Heidsieck came from quite a lineage – legend has it, his father was famous for riding a white stallion into Moscow right before Napoleon’s army, ready to sell his Champagne to whoever became victor!  What we’re saying is, Champagne Charlie had quite the story to live up to.

Champagne Charlie traveled to the U.S. in 1852 and quickly realized that we Americans would love champagne – if we could just get it here. He successfully imported it, made a fortune, and was toasted by all of New York high society.

Champagne Charlie ran into some trouble during the Civil War here in the U.S. He traveled down south to collect on a debt, was accused of spying, and then was thrown into jail. He returned to his native France penniless.

But good old Champagne Charlie rebounded pretty well. He was given deeds to some land in Colorado – nice, but not really prime real estate in the 1800s, right? Wrong. These deeds just happened to be those for the land of what would become a little city you might have heard of – Denver. Charlie ended his days back on top, after expanding his champagne empire and recouping his fortune.

Champagne Charlie was portrayed by  none other than Hugh Grant in a 1989 TV biopic about his life – just what every dashing champagne magnate deserves!

We’re having a champagne contest this week on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

 In honor of Champagne Charlie, our first place prize for our contest is:

Charles Heidsieck Sparkling Rosé – value of $75! 

Second Place is the perennially popular Taltarni Tache Sparkling Rosé.

Click on over to enter the contest! 

Win free champagne