Win a Free Bottle of Champagne! Enter Our Trivia Contest!

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Champagne Cork

Are you a lover of bubbly? Champagne, sparkling wine, cava, prosecco, take your pick. If so, we have a fun contest for you this week, and the winner receives a FREE bottle of bubbly from us at Mora’s!

Picture this: You leave your favorite wine and spirits shop (Mora’s Fine Wines and Spirits, obviously) with a chilled bottle of bubbly. When you arrive to your friend’s dinner party, you gallantly offer to open the bottle for your host. You peel off the foil and there it is – the little metal cage holding the cork down. If you’re pedantic like we are, you may have noticed that every single bottle of champagne or sparkling wine on the planet requires EXACTLY six twists (or if you have a flexible wrist, three full twists) to remove. From the priciest bottle to the least expensive, you’ll need to twist six half-twists or three full-twists to remove it.

So our challenge to you is two-fold. Head over to our Facebook or Instagram page to answer the following questions – it’s up to us to choose the best answers, but extra points for funny ones!

1) What is this odd little cage called?

2) Why does every single cage require the same number of twists to remove?

Win free champagne 

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Our Grand Tasting

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Our Grand Tasting with Madiran The Wine Bar in East Setauket is coming up in two months from today! You need to get your tickets, if you haven’t already. To help you decide, we’ve listed the Top Five Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Our Grand Tasting!

1. There’ll be more wine than you can possibly drink (so bring your friends):

We’ll be sampling over fifty (yes, 5-0) wines. More than one person can handle, so bring your pals and divide and conquer!

2. Even if you’re a total wine novice, we’ll educate you:

We’ve hand-picked our favorite wine consultants who will be there to educate you on the components of each wine you’re trying. This event is a great way for wine novices to get a great wine education!

3. The food is going to be amazing:

Madiran The Wine Bar has INCREDIBLE food crafted in their creative kitchen. They’ll be serving up insane hors d’oeuvres that pair perfectly with the wine.

4. Have you seen Madiran yet??

This place is GORGEOUS! With intimate tables, comfy couches, and chic decor, it’s the perfect place to hang with your friends and taste our delicious wines.

5. Can you say “discount?”

All of the wines featured at our tasting will be on sale at a discounted price for tasting attendees only!  Chances are that with over fifty wines served, you’ll find at least a few that you can’t live without!


Week of August 27th – Sipping All Over the World!

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South African, Greek, Portuguese wines on sale

This week at Mora’s, we’re taking you on a world tour. We have a great South African wine on sale, two delicious Greek wines on sale, and some wonderful Portuguese wines on sale. We have them all priced on sale for less than $17!
We start our world tour in South Africa with a South African red of exceptional quality.
We then hop over to the sunny Greek islands for a bright Greek red with velvety coffee and vanilla flavors. Its substantial texture holds up well to red meat and summer barbecue dishes.
We then are serving up a delicious Greek white – crisp and fresh, perfect for accompanying Greek seafood dishes and salads.
We then head west to Portugal for a perfect red for everyday dining. We also have a Portuguese white that pairs excellently with spicy cuisine and seafood.

If you’d like to learn more about these great wines on sale, click the links below! You can order them online, or stop by our shop in East Setauket to pick them up.

Audacia Stellenbosch Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 South African Red Wine

Koutsogiorgakis Winery Kamares Evia Vradiano 2012 Greek Red Wine

Corgo da Regua Douro Vinho Tinto 2013 Portuguese Red Wine

Lykos Pop Art Athiri and Malagousia Greek White Wine

Quinta da Murta Bucelas Arinto 2013 White Portuguese Wine


A Rare Sparkling Pinot Noir – Sea Spray by Sea Smoke Winery

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Sea Spray Pinot Noir

Today we’re talking about a very special sparkling pinot noir wine – Sea Spray sparkling wine by Sea Smoke Winery. This is one of the best sparkling pinot noir wines on the market! We only have a few bottles of it, so if you read this post and find it intriguing, contact us to purchase a bottle before they’re gone.

Sea Smoke is a cult, subscription-only winery based out of California. Sea Spray Sparkling Pinot Noir is a very special and rare “Blanc de Noir” wine created by Sea Smoke.

The current vintage is 2012. It’s a late disgorged (LD) wine. What does that mean? Late disgorgement means that champagne or sparkling wine has been aged on its lees for longer than usual. Lees are the yeast particles within the wine that add texture and flavor.

Disgorgement is the process in which these yeast particles/lees are disgorged, or ejected from the champagne bottle. Therefore, late disgorgement = ejecting those lees later than usual, allowing a deeper, more textural flavor to develop.

According to Matt Kettmann of Wine Enthusiast, which rated the Sea Spray sparkling pinot noir 92 points, this exceptional wine “delivers high and tight aromas of pink grapefruit, bubblegum and yeast. The creamy fizz shows ripe nectarine at first, then alkalinity, lime zest and grapefruit pith show up to keep the party in order.”

If you’re interested in snagging one of our last few bottles of this gem, click here!  If you want to read more of our posts about sparkling wine, click here.



The Best Cocktail Recipes For This Week!

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Our FREE rum and tequila tasting is coming up TOMORROW from 4-7 at Mora’s.

To prepare for it, we’ve been thinking about our favorite rum and tequila cocktails. Keep reading to learn more about them, and stop by the shop tomorrow from 4-7 to sample them!

TEQUILA MOCKINGBIRD: Our very own Carolyn Mora is a retired librarian, so this Tequila Mockingbird was inspired by her!

In a pint glass, add:

– 2 oz. Deleon Resposado Tequila

– 1/2 oz. Agave Nectar

-2-3 dashes of Peychaud’s Bitters

-Add ice, and stir (no shaking!!)

-For a special touch, spritz or wash the inside of an old-fashioned glass with Absinthe.

-Strain the cocktail into the old-fashioned glass and garnish with an orange peel.


In an old-fashioned glass, add:

– 1 sugar cube to the bottom of a glass, and 2-3 drops of Bittermens Xocolatl Mole Bitters

– Fill the glass with ice

– Add Pampero Aniversario Rum, and garnish with a cherry and orange slice

Missing the Olympics Already? We’re Sharing Our Favorite Brazilian Cachaca!

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Our favorite Brazilian cachaca (1)

The Olympics are over, but you don’t have to leave Rio behind!

Did you fall in love with the sweeping vistas of Rio like we did when watching the Olympics coverage? We’re bummed that the games are over, but you can keep the spirit alive with our Novo Fogo Cachaca Rum! Cachaca is a traditional Brazilian spirit. This is a small-batch Cachaca of the highest quality.

It’s light honey in color with aromas of toffee and vanilla. It has a smooth texture of honey, cinnamon, and fruit followed by a lingering finish of oak and vanilla. Perfect to use in a cocktail, or to sip over ice on its own.

Free Wine Tasting – Saturday, August 20th

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Weekly Wine Tasting

This Saturday we’re having our weekly free wine tasting with an incredible lineup:
a Pinot Noir with hints of sweet vanilla; a chardonnay chock-full of tropical flavors; another Pinot Noir that’s daintily-flavored and clings to cement minerality; a polished and sophisticated carmenere from Chile; and a bright, fruity Pinot Gris that’s priced under $12.
Stop in the shop from 3-6 to test them out!

Moras X Madiran The Wine Bar Grand Tasting

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MorasXMadiran Perks

Since you’re on our blog, we assume that you’ve been to Mora’s before to meet our awesome owners, friendly and knowledgable staff, and browse our huge selection of wines and spirits.

However, when you were in the neighborhood, did you happen to stop by Madiran The Wine Bar, right down the street? We love Madiran The Wine Bar and its owner, trained sommelier Jacquie Malenda. We love their wine, food, and chic atmosphere. We love that there’s a cool wine bar within walking distance of our shop.

We love them so much that we decided to hold our Grand Tasting Event there this October 22. We’re providing over fifty high-quality wines hand-selected by our wine expert Rich Mora and thirteen trained wine consultants to Madiran The Wine Bar. They’re providing the hip vibe/atmosphere and amazing food.

Tickets are strictly limited and are going quickly.You can purchase them here before they sell out. We hope to see you October 22nd at Madiran The Wine Bar, and next time you’re at Mora’s to buy your wine, stop by Madiran to sip some!

Hakuna Moscato! Our Four Favorite Moscato Wines

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It’s definitely Moscato season! This light, sweet Italian wine is great for hot summer days. Moscato is made from the Muscat grape. This grape has a higher level of sugar, making Moscato a perfect dessert wine.  Moscato is also affordable – all of our favorites listed below are under $18!

Bartenura Moscato:  Crisp and refreshing, for sipping poolside

Elio Perrone Moscato: A highly rated Moscato, it’s rounder and creamier than many other Moscato wines.

Quady Electra Moscato: Bright and electric, this delicate flavor pairs well with spicy Asian and Indian foods

Shinas Estate Sweet Justice Moscato: Sweet and slightly effervescent, with lots of fruity flavors!

Stop in our shop in East Setauket, or buy from our website!

Chateaux Giscours Margaux 2000 Bordeaux

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We’re excited to share this great wine with you! It’s a buried treasure of ours, and is drinking great now. Rated 92 points by Wine Advocate, this Chateaux Giscours Margaux 2000 Bordeaux is a real gem. We have a very limited stock, so buy it online or stop in the shop to purchase it soon.

“Probably the finest Giscours made since the 1975, this black/purple-colored 2000 offers up terrific notes of camphor, creosote, blackberry, and cassis jam intermixed with notions of smoke and earth. Spicy, with low acidity, a big, rich, fleshy, full-bodied palate, outstanding texture, and a long, pure finish, it is, to reiterate, one of the best Giscours produced over the last 25 years. A sleeper of the vintage, it is still available for a realistic price.” -Robert Parker