Rock Dad’s World Father’s Day Sunday June 16th: Give the Mora’s Spirit of the Month Clubs

Spirits of the month Clubs, Wine & Spirit Events

We have monthly spirit clubs for single malt Scotch Whisky, Bourbon Whiskey, “American Whiskey” , Vodka, and Tequila. We ship nationwide and of course deliver locally.  Wherever you dad lives you can treat  him to a bottle a month of his favorite spirit for as many or as few months as you like, he’ll be thrilled and surprised over and over again. We select limited production, high quality, artisanal  spirits that he won’t find elsewhere and include a package of   background information on each month’s selelction. Please order right on line or contact the shop directly

Single malt Scotch of the Month Club: Is our most popular spirit club. It is truly amazing what master distillers can do with nothing more than barley, water, yeast, barrels and peat. The variety is mindboggling. So a collection of single malt  whiskies  from all over the Scottish Isles is very special

Bourbon of the Month Club: The American spirit.  Mora’s specializes in finding the rare producers of small batch and single barrel bourbons produced in this country.  To me it is America’s Cognac, a smooth and refined spirit with a passionate following of purists always seeking the best.

Mora's American Whisky Club

American Whiskey of the Month Club: Along with Bourbon, our country is known for various rye and corn based whiskies. Also our neighbor to the north, Canada produces many wonderful and unique whiskies of their own. So whether it is a traditional style American Rye as they made it in the 17th century colonies or a craft distilled whiskey from one of the many brand new artisanal distiller/ mad scientist/alchemists popping up all across our fruited plains it has a strong following in Mora’s American Whiskey of the Month Club.

Tequila of the Month Club: The agave based spirit is experiencing a renaissance in this country as more and more small producers market fine sipping tequilas in various styles. The aficionado appreciates the complexities these producers put into their product

Vodka of the Month Club: the ubiquitous spirit known for its purity as well as its subtle flavors. Vodka aficionados are passionate about their favorite spirit and the new sources of small production vodkas is nearly endless. We explore them all.

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