Mora’s Monthly Midweek Spirit Tasting Notes: Single Malt Scotch (et, al.) Wednesday June 19th 2013 at the shop

Free Weekly Saturday Wine (and sometimes spirits) Tastings

Here’s my quick take on our Monthly Midweek Spirit tastings or as I like to call them the  “Wednesday night flights”. We had Steve Hall from InterBev who represents the Old Pultney, Balblair and Speyburn Scotches we poured as well as an interesting Scottish gin.

Speyburn 10 year old was an incredible value. Very good single malt Scotch for under $30! Very balanced and easy to drink Speyside whisky
with some toffee notes,with hints of black tea and dried apple and the merest whiff of phenolics. Very enjoyable neat

Balblair 2001 bottled in 2011: The idea of a vintage spirit is very exciting. This bottle was filled from cask in 2011 so it is a 10 year old scotch but some of the whisky is still in barrels which will be tapped twice more! So a collector can taste the exact same whisky at three different ages, if he is on top of these limited releases and gets himself some of each.
This is a very rare experience that usually only the master blenders have when they decide the best age at which to bottle.
Balblair is a Highland malt, bottled with out any coloring or chill filters so it is pure, honest scotch whisky. The style is very soft and malty with floral and fruit scents and a light body.

The winner of the evening was the Old Pulteney 17 year. Billed as “The Maritime Malt” because the distillery in Wick Scotland is as far north as you can go in the highlands right on the ocean, this whisky does have a touch of sea air and brine in the aroma. The rest of the profile is  dried fruit and toffee notes with a tang of citrus rind. It was an excellent, full bodied whisky with a hint of phenolics, those are the
peat influences that give it a tang and a high note with lots of sherry cask influence evident in the bass line.
All in all a great line up. By the way, scotch is great with dark chocolate. Stay tuned for these monthly spirit tastings. They are almost always on the the third Wednesday of the month from 4 to 7. See you next time

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