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Jorge Ordonez Seleccion Especial Moscatel 2010 for sale

We were pouring Jorge Ordonez’s Moscato from Malaga at a recent Saturday tasting of Spanish wines at Mora’s Fine Wines and one of our guests was from Malaga so we asked her what to serve this lovely, vibrant sweet moscato wine with. I usually like desserts with some citrus, pear, apple, peach in it. She suggested potatoe chips and said the sweet wine with a sweet dessert was too much. I tried her idea and the pairing was excellent! It works the way other sweet and salty combinations work like a chocolate coating on pretzels. the opposing flavors balance on the palate. I suspect salty cheeses like feta might work too based on this principle, I know blue cheeses always work well with sauternes and Port. Anyway in looking for an image of potato chips I found this image of Spanish Lay’s Potatoe Chips with Adria Ferran’s endorsement!
Wow, the Chef of El Bulli has really embraced a very humble (but yummy) snack food.

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