Mora’s Single Malt Scotch Tasting & Seminar with Karl duHoffmann Friday May 11th

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7pm, at the Port Jefferson Village Center.

Mora’s first single malt Scotch event back in January was such a success we are planning an even bigger and better one for May to be held May 11, 2012, Friday night at 7pm. Attendees must reserve at the shop so either buy tickets online or contact the shop in person, by phone, email or carrier pigeon to reserve.

Our very knowledgeable and very spirited spirits expert, Karl DuHoffmann will guide us through a tasting of a nice crossection of his single malt Scotch whisky catalog in the Sail loft room at the Village Center overlooking lovely Port Jefferson Harbor. Food will be catered by Bliss Restaurant of East Setauket.

Tasting includes  Single Malt Scotch Whiskies from: Isle of Skye Isle of Arran, Ardbeg  Mortlach, Braeval and Kilchoman

Lucky attendees will win prizes of Scotch & tasting glasses at the event

Lecture & discussion by Karl on all the whiskies tasted and on malt whisky in general

Karl is managing an exciting portfolio of spirit brands, many new ones, and has been sharing his appreciation of spirits for many years as an educator for aficionados as well as members of the wine and spirits trade.  We will focus on the whiskies of Scotland and become acquainted with a few of the different regions and their characteristic styles. Traditional style of whisky as well as more innovative approaches will be represented. Their are literally tens of thousands of separate bottlings of single malt Scotch whiskies out there and the flavor profiles are so unique and varied that a whole new tasting vocabulary is needed to fully describe them. We hope  our  seminar helps to make sense of the Scotch universe as well as leads you to an appreciation for the whiskymaster’s art:

Distilleries represented: We will feature Scotch whiskies from Isle of Skye, Kilchoman, Isle of Arran,
About independent bottlers: As at our last event we will feature whiskies from an independent bottler, Ian Macleod distillers and bottlers. These firms have long term relationships with a large number of individual distilleries and purchase aged barrels or put up and age their own barrels of whisky then bottle it themselves indicating the distillery source as well as their own name. Some, like Macleod may also own their own distilleries and do their own blending.
Whisky education sites: Hear are some good sites with basic information on whisky and whisky tasting. independent bottler, distiller and blender

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